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Q: Buying a new car: 2010 Toyota Highlander vs 2016 Dodge Journey with 7year/100K warranty

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This may be an age old question, but I'm at an impasse and need expert opinion: Should I buy a used 2010 Toyota Highlander (80k miles) with no warranty, OR a Certified Pre-owned 2016 Dodge Journey (14K miles) with 7 year 100K mile warranty?

(older more reliable ratings, or newer average ratings with warranty and less miles)

My car has 94000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Logically, a vehicle with less miles and a warranty would be the choice. However, reliability is something to consider. Mind you, pretty much every brand out there has had some sort of issue, even those with great ratings. How often and how well these issues are handled makes life easier, however. The older vehicle no matter how reliable, will have normal wear and tear items that may need to be addressed. Are service records available for the older one ? Struts, brakes, tires, depending on the engine, it may need a timing belt service, etc. Not to mention the items that are not routine that may happen. The expense will be all yours. With the newer vehicle, you do have a warranty. Be diligent in your questions about what the warranty covers and for how long. While the warranty may be 7 years or 100,000 miles, that time and mileage period does not start from the day you purchase it. The clock started ticking on that warranty the day the vehicle was originally sold. For example: If the vehicle was originally sold on January 1, 2016 with 0 miles and you purchase the vehicle on February 1, 2017 with 14,000 miles. Your warranty will not be in effect until February 1, 2027 and 114,000 miles. It will be in effect until January 1, 2026 or 100,000 total miles, whichever comes first. Still a long time, but you still want to be sure of what is covered and for how long. The warranty is from the original in-service date.Things to ask: - Is the 7/100 warranty bumper to bumper or powertrain only ? - If the 7/70 is powertrain only, when is the bumper to bumper in effect until ? The bumper to bumper warranty covers things like a window motor, door lock switch, sensors and electronics. These items can still be expensive to repair and replace. - Is there a deductible ? Since it’s a bit subjective, do your homework and make the choice you feel more comfortable with.

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