Q: Buying a high mileage car and I am on a tight budget.

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I have been trying to research as much as possible the problems that are associated with a 2009 Nissan Murano and if buying one with 137k miles is crazy. The vehicle has a clean car fax but doesn't show much as far as service records. I just need an mechanics opinion if those cars are reliable enough to get to 250k miles. I have a family and need a family car but I am on a tight budget.


My car has 137080 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. When it comes to buying a pre owned vehicle, you will want to check the vehicle out for the condition it is in. Check all of the suspension, steering, brakes, running condition, and the tires. If the engine has a slight hesitation, then it is either having a misfire or the engine may have an issue with the bearings. If the vehicle has to take a longer time than normal to brake, then it may have a brake issue. If the vehicle squeaks going over bumps or if the suspension is full of rust, then the suspension will need work. Every pre owned vehicle will need work to be done on it. Most people trade in their vehicle to get another one with lower mileage so they will not have to work on it. I recommend checking the vehicle over from bumper to bumper before making any decisions.

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