Q: Broken Studs 2008 Saturn Aura

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I just got this car less than a month ago. A couple days after I bought it, I had to put new brake pads on it, and got the work done by a family friend, who I thought knew what they were doing. But no more than two days after he did the brakes, my car stating acting funny, so I pulled over to look at the tires, and my front passenger side tire, only had 3/5 lug nuts/studs on it. After about 2 weeks of driving it with 2 missing lug nuts, another one broke off. I had a friend who is a mechanic, look at it. He says I need to get different lug nuts, because they will cause the studs to continue to break off. The rims on my car arent the stock rims, but I am not sure if this has anything to do with it. I have no idea what is causing the studs to break off.

My car has 124000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there - I believe your on-going problem is that the center hole in the wheel, which fits over the bearing hub, has a bigger diameter than the bearing hub. That forces ALL loads: standing weight of the vehicle, cornering force, attachment stresses (wheel to hub) onto the wheel lugs. They are NOT designed for this and will break unexpectedly as you have experienced. The hub/wheel mounting must be snug so that the center opening of the wheel is transfering these forces - except for the wheel-attach force of course. If you are able to hold the wheel against the hub, without any lug nuts/bolts attached, and slide the wheel around on the hub, the mounting hole size of the wheel is incorrect. Try it first with the spare wheel/tire(if it is the OEM spare) if needed to see what I’m speaking of here. This is a huge safety issue, and must be addressed first, even if it means buying new wheels. Sometimes - concentric wheel rings are available to resolve this issue. Check with your wheel supplier for these. S/he will want to know both the inside diameter of the wheel center opening, and the diameter of the mounting bore on the hub. Your wheel supplier will also have correct wheel lug bolts or nuts for your wheel tire combination as well.

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