Q: Brand new transmission and clutch-with clutch disengaged and accelerating from cold stop, the gas pedal vibrates with crunch sound

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While in 1st or second gear - it varies - and the clutch fully disengaged (in gear, foot off the clutch) there is a sound and feeling coming from the accelerator. I took the car to a Chevy service shop. They replaced the transmission under ptrain warranty and I paid out of pocket for a complete new clutch/throw out/fly wheel/etc. I drove it next day and the same issue occurred. Now they are asking me to do a test drive with a technician since they cannot recreate it. This happens from a cold start- when the car has been parked for some time. It sounds as though the car disconnected from gear, or is otherwise not "catching". When it happens, the gas pedal vibrates for about a second, but it is a significant feeling. I do not have to engage the clutch again or change gear when this occurs, and I don't notice a change in acceleration speed, but due to RPM I typically switch to 2nd gear anyways. The symptom has occurred while in second gear, too, but this is more rare.

My car has 32000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

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