Q: Brake Warning Lamp still on

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I had a YourMechanic come and inspect my car because the Brake Warning Lamp was coming on.

He said my front pads are > 6mm and the back pads are at are at less than 6mm. He said the rear pads should have another 5k miles on them. He didn't think that the brake pads were causing the light though and said maybe add some brake fluid (which he didn't have on him).

I added brake fluid some time later and the light is still coming on. What should I do? We plan on selling the car I would like to get it in tip-top shape to sell but if there isn't a good game plan I may just sell it As-Is on craigslist. Ideas or recommendations?

My car is a 2002 Mercedes ML500 and has 104000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Typically a warning light needs to be cleared by a digital scanner completed by a professional mechanic if a repair has been made. Based on what you said our mechanic completed; there were no repairs. The brake light issue could be caused by a sensor failure or electrical connection to a sensor that is faulty. Selling a car is much easier when you don’t have error lights on, however, in order to accomplish this, you’ll have to resolve the brake warning light 100%. I would recommend selling the car as is, however, letting any future owner know that the brakes need to be replaced. This should be done at a brake service facility; as they will most likely be able to determine why the light comes on and offer a resolution. Although our mobile mechanics could complete the brake repairs; this might be a time where taking it to a specialty shop is the best course of action due to the plaguing brake light issue.

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