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Q: Both of my turn signals and hazard ights are not functioning.

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i looked under the dash to see if i had a short somewhere and i found a two wires cut off. Each one of those wires had a wire connected to part that shows copper. but neither one of those wires is connected to anything..
My car has a manual transmission.

If you suspect a cut wire "supplies" an electrical load, such as a bulb, but that wire is disconnected from the load, simply put a voltmeter on it, turn the switch controlling the bulb (the electrical load) circuit "on", and see if there is voltage on the cut wire. If no voltage, the wire "probably" has nothing to do with the bulb circuit. Of course, there is always a chance it still does but no voltage registers because there are additional electrical faults upstream such as a bad switch, flasher, other wiring faults, and so forth. In any event, if there is voltage on the cut wire, you just simply have to re-attach it where it belongs but be careful; if you re-attach it to the wrong wire you could have new problems. If you don’t have any luck testing the existing cut wires, basically, non functioning bulb circuits have to be traced from the source (the battery) all the way back through the bulb. To do that that, mechanics will have in hand the Factory Service Manual wiring diagram. If the cut wires are not related to your issue, inasmuch as you have a "global" outage (all bulbs not lighting), you should test the flasher unit. If the flasher is not in the circuit, working properly, that could account for a "global" failure. If you desire that a certified mechanic, dispatched by YourMechanic test for the failure and repair it, the recommended service is non functioning turn signal diagnostic. Were a mechanic dispatched this would undoubtedly be quickly resolved for you.

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