Q: Bearings replaced now ABS/VSA codes & ignition problem

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I recently had both of my front bearings replaced. I purchased 2 DuraLast brand and had a shop install. Once completed we noticed a grinding noise coming from the front driver side wheel, sounded almost like when your brakes grind (more of a metal on metal sound) not a bad bearing sound. Couldn’t find any issues with the install, so the shop replaced the driver side bearing again, this time with a Master Pro brand. Driver wheel is fine, now the passenger side is having the same issue/sound. It’s triggered my ABS & VSA lights. Shop tried to clear, immediately the lights come back on. Going back Tuesday for pass. side bearing to be replaced (again!). New issue has started only since those lights have been on, my push start won’t turn the vehicle off correctly. Have to push 3-4 times before it responds, then the car goes into accessory mode, push it again 2-3 times before the car turns off as it should. I have had no error codes prior to this.

My car has 103000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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