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Q: Battery continuously dies but on random occasions

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I've been having problems with batteries in my car continuously over the past 4 months. The first time it died, I just jump started my car and got it working about, I just assumed I left my lights on or something. Then about a month after that the same things happens but I have a battery tester which told me that the battery was dead and needed to be replaced. I get it replaced about a month ago and have been regularly driving my car with no problems or changes. I was driving home today and turned off my car and noticed that I couldn't lock my door, I checked and the battery is completely dead again. The battery tester says the battery needs to be replaced again. I have no idea how this happens the batteries I use are the stock Motorcraft batteries from the Ford dealer.

My car has 169000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

Hello and thanks for writing in. It sounds like you may have a problem with your charging system which may be related to your alternator or voltage regulator. The voltage regulator is a unit that regulates the charging of the battery by the alternator. When the voltage regulator is not working properly, this may result in the alternator allowing too much power to be delivered to the battery resulting in damaging wires and prematurely sometimes destroying the battery. A common sign of this is usually the acid inside the battery boiling causing the battery to swell. In other cases it may result in the alternator not supplying enough power to the battery, resulting in undercharging the battery or not charging it at all. I would recommend having an expert from YourMechanic come to your location to diagnose your vehicle’s charging system.

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