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Q: Antifreeze leak!

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Hi. I have a 04 Chrysler Sebring Convertible. When I pour antifreeze in the reservoir it goes straight out. Its not leaking on the ground or in my oil. I just had a water outlet put on but I'm so confused as to where the antifreeze is going. Please help! Thanks

My car has 180000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Laura. In most cases, when the coolant reservoir is empty and it goes empty while pouring into the tank, the coolant will go directly into the radiator as it’s typically an indication of really low coolant levels. If you recently had coolant service completed, it’s quite possible that they either forgot to correctly fill the system, or there were air bubbles in the system, causing it to be low. If you’re 100% certain there is no coolant leak, I would recommend adding a 50/50 ratio of coolant to distilled water until the tank is filled to the lower "filled" level (as coolant will expand as it gets hot and fill that reservoir rather quickly when the engine is hot. If this issue does not resolve itself, please have a professional mechanic come to your location and complete a coolant leak inspection, so they can isolate the source of this problem.

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