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Q: After putting new gaskets all the way around the grand am, it is squealing and smoking somewhere from the block

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So I paid a friend of mine to redo all of my gaskets (head gasket, both intake gaskets, etc.) on my 2000 pontiac grand am gt, after it's all back together there is smoke coming out from all over the block. There is also an intense squeak coming from the block. He says it's the power steering pump, but it has Never had any issues until after he put the gaskets on. The power steering feels fine aside from the LOUD squeaking and smoke.

My car has 200000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. Without being there to physically inspect what you’re describing, it’s difficult to pinpoint what might be causing the smoke. It could be residual oil or solvents that were used during the repair that are simply burning off; or it could be that something was not properly installed or torqued down. If the power steering pump is squealing, it means one of two things; it’s either low on power steering fluid or there are air bubbles trapped in the lines. I’d recommend having a professional mobile mechanic come to your vehicle to complete a smoke coming from engine inspection so they can determine why you’re experiencing these issues.

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Hi. There is a possibility that the power steering pump or one of the power steering lines are leaking and the fluid is getting on the belt and getting on the block causing the squealing and smoke. There is also the possibility that the head gasket or the lower intake gasket is not sealed properly and antifreeze is leaking on to the belt and engine block causing the smoke and squealing. I suggest you have a certified tech from yourmechanic come and diagnosis your smoking and squealing issue.

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