Q: Acura TL 2006. car was sticking in park.. I spilled coke in the console area where the shifter is located 5 days ago... I thought

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Here's the question: Do you think it was just gummed up? or will the test be when I leave for work this evening? What does the water go that I poured down the console? will it be in my garage floor -- I didn't look? does pouring water hurt anything?

I thought it was the coke gumming up. So I poured hot water down the system to see if that was the case. Car still wouldn't move. So, i found this article and I did as instructed: Put the emergency brake on. Find the shifter lock override slot, which is usually located on the shifter console close to the shift lever. pushed the button. moved the shifter into neutral, and start the car. When I got to work, i couldn't put it into park, so I poured some leftover water, pushed the override button, poured some more water down the console, moved the shifter up and down several times (without pushing the override button) from park to drive, and put the car into park and now it moves freely?

My car has 167000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Well it’s good that you can now move the shifter. However, pouring soda, water, or ANY liquid down the console is not a good idea. None of it has drained out for the car. It all went into or below the carpeting and will remain there until it evaporates. You can be looking at more electrical / electronic issues in the future as well as mold growing under the console and carpet. Liquids and electrical components are not a good mix. When spilling anything in the future, dry up the spill as good as possible and if need be, remove trim panels to properly clean up a spill.

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