Q: A fault has been detected in my vehicle since the electronic throttle control warning light came on.my heater has stopped heating

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My car idles up after I turn on to warm up and the electronic throttle sign comes on..it takes the engine awhile to warm up and my engine fan comes on a lot..but my heater inside my vehicle is not working properly.

My car has 210000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi Judy. Thanks for sending in your question today. It’s quite possible that the heater and warming up issue is related to the same thing - debris trapped in the heater core. The coolant flows through the heater core and heats up the system. If debris is trapped in the heater core, it could cause the vehicle to have issues warming up. However, this doesn’t explain the electronic throttle warning light. This might indicate a different problem which would need to be determined through an on-site inspection by a professional mechanic.

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