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Q: A/C vent issues

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When I start the car, the A/C blows out dash vents for about 10 seconds and then it comes out the floor and the defrost. However, now I notice that when I raise the temp up higher for heat and switch the control to manual mode, the air does come out the dash vents. And in this case, even if I switch to any other position (defrost, dash, floor, or any mix) it still blows out the dash. Even though it was cold today and since the air was coming out of the dash, I changed the temp to very low and turned on the A/C, it did get cold and still came out the dash vents. So, the temp settings and the A/C seems to work properly, the only problem seems to be that the air does not come out the proper vent that is selected. Additionally, the A/C was replaced about a year ago. I have only had the car about 2 months so I am not sure if that is when the problem began.

My car has 95000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. Diagnosing AC vent issues really should be done onsite; as there are multiple small components, electrical systems and relays that make up the control section of the AC and heating system on your Cadillac. It’s best to have a professional mobile mechanic complete an AC is not working inspection at your location, so they can pinpoint the source of this vent issue and recommend the right repairs.

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