Q: 6cd/mp3 player shows cd error with no cd and slots 1 and 2 showing that cd's are in and no cd's installed

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2005 Ford F-150 Fx4 with 89,258 miles has a 6CD/MP3 player. 2 cd's have been in since sometime last fall, was going to remove them but they would not eject, finally got them out, but the display says "cd error" and slots 1 and 2 still show that it is loaded, radio plays fine, nothing in the owners manual says anything about "cd error", is there something that needs to be reset or what??

My car has 89248 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello. We will be happy to assist you. The issue you are having is common with Ford 6-CD radio units of that generation. Usually people attempt a reset by disconnecting the negative cable from the battery for an hour or so. Which will reset the vehicle’s electrical system. However that rarely gets the radio to function normally again. The second thing people would generally try is to pull all the fuses related to the radio unit and leave them out for 30 min to an hour. You will need to check in your manual to see where the fuses are located. This last option people tries a little more involving. However these instructions have been verified to work by other Ford F-150 owner’s! Carefully take apart the trim and remove the console cover (two screws) to release the bottom of the trim piece. Once removed, disassemble the cage and remove the cd changer. Carefully separate the ribbon, cleaned the contacts with Q-tips dipped lighty in diluted Alcohol and reassemble. If that does not work you may want to consider getting a new stock radio or purchasing an aftermarket unit.

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