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Q: 300 keeps dieing

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300 has idled rough for a while have had it in and out of shop 4 times. It runs ok for about two days and dies again. Both mechanics says cylinder 6 is misfiring. Why don't they just fix the cylinder. Why does it keep not starting. Had tune up oil changes etc done 4800 dollars in total repairs is engine shot. Do I go to another mechanic don't know what to do. Love the car.

My car has 130000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The causes of cylinder misfiring can be relatively simply, or involve major repairs. Most commonly, misfiring is caused by a bad spark plug or ignition coil which provides the electricity for the spark plugs. Another common fault can be a dirty, clogged, or bad, fuel injector. If these causes - as well as the engine wiring harness - have been eliminated as causes for the misfire, then more intensive diagnostics should be performed. There could be a mechanical issue with the engine in cylinder #6. A compression test should be performed and the readings for all cylinders measured and compared to factory specifications. Low compression in any one or multiple cylinders can cause stalling as well as loss of power and fuel economy. If the compression readings are not within specifications, then there is a mechanical issue with the engine. It could be worn piston rings or valves. It may be across all cylinders, or cylinder #6 may be the worst of them all right now, causing the misfiring.

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