Q: 2006 Santa Fe 3.5 power steering squeal

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I had the ps pump, harmonic balancer, and idler pulley replaced 4 weeks ago because of the same noise. Now it's back again. No oil leak on the ground or loss of ps fluid. Any ideas?

My car has 92000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

It is possibly that a new fault has developed involving the other serpentine belt on the car which drives the alternator and a/c compressor. To determine if the noise is from that second belt, you can momentarily run the engine without the second belt. If the work that was done was guaranteed, for instance it was performed at a shop, obviously return to the shop to have it repaired under warranty. If it worked noiselessly for 4 weeks but then "failed", obviously one of the replaced components has already gone bad. If you desire a second opinion, prior to doing anything further, the recommended service that will identify the root cause is a noise inspection. As far as the possibilities, make sure the parts you think were replaced were in fact replaced. So, you have to check to be sure you see "new" parts installed in the vehicle. You want to check the belt tension which has to be within a specified range. The belt could be too loose. Also, you want to check and be sure all of the rotating elements are in the same plane. If they are not in the same plane (if the harmonic balancer is defective, for instance), you will get belt noises.

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