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Q: car cuts off after 2 seconds of running but my radio will still be on.

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when I off the car with the key, it dose not short down completely my radio will still be on which always run down my battery I driving it like that. until some one told me is the ECU and i bought another one to replace the one. when the one ecu was removed and the new one installed the car refused to program and eventually it started offing after two second. we decided to return the old ecu but still the car refused to start the green key light keep blinking. the car is here now and it done not start neither is it offing completely. what should I do as 7 electrician has checked it no way.

Hello. Likely it is a faulty immobilizer ECU causing the trouble. To help determine this you could call the dealership and ask them for the immobilizer bypass code for your vehicle. If the code is entered and the vehicle stays running then it is more likely your immobilizer ECU at fault. Other than an immobilizer unit the trouble could be caused by a faulty ignition switch or ignition relay. The Ignition switch and relay are critical components for sending the signal to turn the vehicle on and off. Your vehicle is presenting signs of a security lock out. Common causes of security lockouts with Honda and Acura are a bad battery or poor connections leading to the battery. I suggest that a technician test the ignition switch key reader, ignition relay, the battery, and its related connections.

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