Q: 08 Hyundai, 92000 miles, replaced catalytic converter now check engine light is on and van does not accelerate for about 30 mins w

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Already had catalytic converter replaced but heck engine light is on and van does not accelerate and it's hard to press on the brakes. It only does this when I first start the van for about 15-20 mins. The engine light does not flash it stays on. The exhaust burned by nose in passing while the van was warming up. I've paid 1 mechanic $75 to diagnose they said $150 for tune up but it could also be some other stuff. I don't want to pay for trial and error repairs, too expensive.

My car has 92000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The check engine light is typically not an indication that a tune up is needed. The fault code or codes stored, will indicate what system is causing the fault. There can be a faulty sensor, control module, or mechanical fault. The fact that the brake pedal is hard to press seems to indicate there may be a vacuum issue. The power brake booster works my using vacuum supplied by the engine. A vacuum leak or low engine vacuum would make the brake pedal difficult to press as well as cause performance issues. A vacuum leak will cause the air/fuel mixture to be very lean - too much air and not enough fuel. This can effect power and economy. A certified technician with the proper scan tools - and not simply a ’fault code reader" can inspect the system to not only find fault codes, but read individual sensor and control module values to make certain they are functioning properly. A proper diagnosis should be performed before parts are replaced randomly.

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