Q: 05 Acura TSX outside for a year and a half. What should be done to put it back into service?

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I got my car used from a dealership in Nov2010 w 93,000miles & drove it til May2011.i remembr itd jus hit 100,000miles. Wile I had it I put in a new (Durastart 51R) battery. I ran over a nail & got a flat tire rite b4 I stoppd drivn it. My bro drove it evry now & then but startd solely drivn it Dec2011. Says he got new tires & tie rods wen he took it ovr. Thats all he evr had replacd besides oil&filter wen needed. He stoppd drivn it (bc he didn't wna pay4repairs or maintenance that (supposedly)consist of rotors&pads, front drivers side strut, battery, & leak in pwr steering pump) 1) there was a recall he nevr got fixd 4leaking steering fluid hose, wld not takn it cause pump 2go bad?(its bad, im jus curious if thats y) 2) wat shld b dun b4 tryn2 crank it&takn 2my house b4 getn all necessary MAINTENANCE(sumthn its never had since i got it) wat cld wait til its here? Wat ALL wld it need b4 daily use? Its@appx180,000 miles. I plan on getn parts@a pik ur part..ne parts I shld get new?

My car has 170000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Be sure to check all the fluids before starting it up.You might be able to start the car right up with a new battery. But if it has been sitting for a very long time, the fuel may be stale and need replacing. It might not run well at start up but may come around as the engine warms up and the old gas will vaporize better. Avoid the temptation to rev the engine up at first, just let it idle if it will for a few minutes so the oil can circulate through the engine. Once you get it moving, you can figure out what repairs and services are needed. If the car has never had a scheduled service, you can easily spend a lot of money just catching up with that. You will want to change all the fluids first thing: oil, coolant, trans fluid, PS fluid, brake fluid. And replace all of the filters as well. The list can get pretty long. It would be a good idea to have a pro look at this car and you can have that done by contacting Your Mechanic. They can send a technician to your home to look at this car and help you work out a to-do list that you can work with.

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