Q: 05 Acura TSX outside for a year and a half. What should be done to put it back into service?

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I got my car used from a dealership in Nov2010 w 93,000miles & drove it til May2011.i remembr itd jus hit 100,000miles. Wile I had it I put in a new (Durastart 51R) battery. I ran over a nail & got a flat tire rite b4 I stoppd drivn it. My bro drove it evry now & then but startd solely drivn it Dec2011. Says he got new tires & tie rods wen he took it ovr. Thats all he evr had replacd besides oil&filter wen needed. He stoppd drivn it (bc he didn't wna pay4repairs or maintenance that (supposedly)consist of rotors&pads, front drivers side strut, battery, & leak in pwr steering pump) 1) there was a recall he nevr got fixd 4leaking steering fluid hose, wld not takn it cause pump 2go bad?(its bad, im jus curious if thats y) 2) wat shld b dun b4 tryn2 crank it&takn 2my house b4 getn all necessary MAINTENANCE(sumthn its never had since i got it) wat cld wait til its here? Wat ALL wld it need b4 daily use? Its@appx180,000 miles. I plan on getn parts@a pik ur part..ne parts I shld get new?

My car has 170000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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