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My name is Victor Gomez. I am a student enrolled at California state university Los Angeles studying mechanical engineering. I've become experienced with automotive work due to working many side jobs with my dad and restoring classic cars. I have my very own 1967 Camaro that I've built from the ground up. Completely rebuilt motor and transmission along with all new electrical wiring. There isn't a single part in that car that isn't new. I've also helped restore my uncles 1969 mustang, which also needed an engine rebuild and I even welded up custom exhaust pipes in both cars. I'm also working on a 1974 challenger and Dart for each of my cousins. I'm that guy that can talk about cars all day and whenever someone needs help or has a question, I'm that "friend" they know they can call. I'm always open to learning new things because technology is constantly changing and I feel the need to keep up. Having a attention to detail is my specialty and that's why I fell I can benefit this company.





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