37 years of experience
Chicago, IL

Licensed Power Plant Mechanic under Professional Regulations Commission board examination on Mechanical Engineering, Certified Automotive Mechanic. Patent Holder of VARIABLE DWELL ELECTRONIC IGNITION INVENTION at Philippine Patent Office, work on AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY SINCE 1972, WORK ON TRANSPORTATION, HEAVY EQUIPENT, PORT ENGINEER ON ROQUE SHIPPING COMPANY WHERE I TROUBLE SHOOT MARINE ENGINES, GENERATORS, COLD STORAGE, HYDRAULICS AND PNEUMATICS, REBUILT Generators, Engine, compressors and Tepair Electrical and Electronic Controls. Designed Automotive Fuel Savers, Airconditioned Car Power Booster. Work on Power Plant Engines, Generators and Controls, Work Automotive Technician on Mechanical repairs, automotive Electrical and Electronics Controls, Emission repairs updated on all types of Check Engine Lights or M.I.L. Replace Timing Belts and Chains, Brake Pads,rotors, shoes, calipers, pipes, Master cylinders and Brake boosters, Power windows, power doorlocks, Electronic Throttle or Drive by Wires repais and adaptations, AbS System trouble shooting and repairs, ABS YAW Rate Adaptations, computer VIN Number Writing, tune up, deep misfiring trouble shooting, Automotive Air compressor, AC drier, AC thermostat and sensors, AC electrical control repair, replace O2 and AIR FUEL RATIO SENSORS, MAF evaluation, catalytic problem evaluation, evap system tests by the use of my Snap On Scanner and Smoke Machine and bubble tests on very small leak on evap system hardly detected by smoke machines, bay tests on evap system and solenoid activation by scanner or mannual activation. 720 degrees compression graphing to evaluate engine valves openings and timings as well as pressures, misfire analysis on exhaust pressure by use of exhaust pressure transducer and oscilloscope, Relative Compression Tests by the use of Current Probe and Oscilloscope, fuel injector analysis by Scope waveforms, circuit analysis by use of multimeters, current meters, frequency meter, audibleshort circuit and open circuit test and wiring route tests, electrical circuit load tests by ammeter, current and signal tests, sensor tests and simulations by use of decade resistance box, capacitance box,waveform and frequency generators, variable frequency, variable vortage and variable current injectors. Overhaul Engine as necessary or just replace piston Rings and valve seals to repair high oil consumption on factory defect on slightly used car cases like Toyota 2AZ FE engines. Teplace engine bearings and oil pump as necessary to save low oil pressure cases on slightly used and unexted low oil surprising cases on low mileage engines. Repair all types of overheating faults on engines. Replace radiator, Wayer pumps, thermostat and belts, analyse and repair noisy steering pump whether airation or weak pump, analyse heavy to operate power steering be it hydraulic type or electrical steering type. Can tests anything on car problems with the limitation and availability of my scanners capability and my tests instruments capability. Can train mechanics as necessary to help them repair and diagnose cars fast and easy. I use ALLDATA and MITCHELL too programmed on my Laptops, I have 5 different Scanners and two different oscilloscope with transducers.

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