15 years of experience
San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA

I've been an automotive technician for 12 years and have worked for an independent shop as well as a Ford dealership. My areas of expertise are timing belts, brakes, tune-ups, air conditioning, and engine work and I have a deep understanding of how to properly work on all types of cars.





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on February 18

This guy is great. Even swapped a part in the rain! When I need more work done, I'm calling De Jesus! For sure



Saturn Ion
on February 11

Honorio showed up on time while I was at work and replaced my o2 sensor without delay right outside my workplace--while I was on the clock, which was ideal. Now my idling issue and fuel mix are back to normal and my car is running smooth. Excellent service.

on January 29

He is great! On time, friendly, and very professional. Loved the service. Thank you for being here... was fed up with dealer prices and scheduling problem.



Honda Civic
on January 26

Super professional and courteous. Honorios arrived early for the appointment, swapped the battery quite quickly, and offered advice on ensuring the new battery lasted longer.

on January 24

Honorio was terrific. He was not only on time, but a few minutes early. He thoroughly explained what the problem was/might be, what did/didn't need to be done. Saved me time and $ by not suggesting anything unnecessary. I have already booked him for another appt. ! Would highly recommend ! Michele Chunn

on February 14

Through inspection. Found the issue quickly. Recommended I swap for a new part. I will be looking to have this guy work on my truck!

on January 17

My appointment with Honorio was great! First off my appointment was at 2:30pm and I got the text at 12:44pm that he could come earlier, I agreed and he was at my house within 15 minutes. His equipment is top of the line. He explained everything thoroughly and took his time. He was very insightful on some other things with my car. He's my go to from now on. Gracias Honorio!!

on January 07

On time. Very friendly and knowledgeable. I expressed concern about a noise and he made sure I understood what he had found and what could be done in the future. Will definitely use again!

on January 08

We called him as the engine light was coming on and off. He connected his instruments, read all the code history and explained what each of them meant. He is very patient, listened about other minor problems with the car. Was not hesitant to get under the car to find potential issues.

on December 22

Appreciate his honesty. He could have completed the job I had booked based on recommendation from a shop I that recently serviced my car. However, that shop was incorrect of their assessment of the services needed. Honorio quickly pointed out that the parts I was requesting to replace still looked very new and instead opted to run diagnostics. We have since been able to determine the repairs that are needed and he will be out tomorrow to complete those repairs.

on January 31

He is very knowledgeable, responsible, and really cares about the customer. This is why I am a repeat customer.



Nissan Maxima
on December 07

He showed up early and was very kind!! Definitely a better experience with yourmechanic than my previous one! Honorio was definitely the reason why.

on November 29

This was my second time having Honorio service my car and he's great! He is always on time and very pleasant. My car drives better and I will absolutely use him again!

on November 22

My appointment was amazing! Honorio was timely, efficient, and helpful. He replaced a sensor in my car and checked the belts,brakes, and fluids to make sure everything was running properly. When asking questions Honorio took the time to explain everything until I umderstood the process. :) 10/10 would recommend!

on November 05

Honorio is a great mechanic! He works at the Toyota dealership, so he is great with that make in particular. He doesn't try to get you to do any unnecessary services, either. He spent over 7 hours replacing my wheel bearing to make driving my car safe and he didn't complain about the work at all.

on October 11

Honorio was great! He was early and I also felt he was being genuine in inspecting/reviewing my car. I was expecting a higher estimate especially not knowing much about the automotive sector.

on October 09

Absolutely fantastic to work with. Doesn't try to charge you for more than necessary but has a thorough understanding of what actually needs to be done. Patient, gives you the final say in decisions before going ahead with them, and from his stories you can tell he's seen it all. This is a person you can entrust your car to.

on October 06

Honorio is an excellent technician who clearly communicates potential solutions to a problem, and effectively identifies all the available options. He takes time to identify the root cause of an issue and understands how to fix the issue in a timely manner. Highly recommended !!

on October 06

I was quite embarrassed when I asked Honorio to come out and look at a weird noise that my power windows were making. Turns out it was just happening temporarily because the windows had just gotten cleaned. He was very polite and didn't make me feel bad at all about driving all the way out to Menlo Park to investigate a phantom noise. He even did a quick inspection of the car and walked me through what he was looking for.

on November 17

Honorio was great! He was at my office on time, very easy to work with and took the time to explain the service on my vehicle. And the honesty! He charged me less than my estimate, and explained that this was because the quote I received was incorrect. Amazing! He could have easily charged more and I would have been none-the-wiser. Fantastic!


  • Tune-up


Toyota Tacoma
on May 20

Honorio deJesus is an experienced yet honest mechanics. He would gladly not do the replacement when he sees that your vehicle does not need it (others would do it anyway so they can make more money). Highly recommended.

on November 21

How could repairs be done with out a shop? Honorios did a wonderful job! He was meticulous, checked everything over thoroughly and explained things to me in a way I could understand. I was so glad to have the repair done at home and not be stranded at a uncomfortable shop. Thank you so much for your car to my car.

on September 26

Honorio did an excellent job on my car and was able to diagnose the issue in less than a minute He also explained the whole problem and fixed the issue in expected time frame . I highly recommend Honorio for anyone looking for trustful car mechanic.

on November 23

Honorio was great! Arrived right on time. In addition to the recommended work, helped to clean the throttle body and MAF sensor. I drove the car for the first time after work and it is working good. I will update if any issues come up.



Lexus RX330
on September 21

Honorio was great but the fact that the service, people, whoever they were, gave him the wrong battery is inexcusable. Then when he called in to discuss the problem, the women on the phone had a hard time dealing with the situation. This was a horrible waste of my time and his. Also, there is no place on the order form to make changes. I needed to change the contact phone and I for the service, and I couldn't.

on September 19

Honest assessment and very professional. He was methodical in his analysis and found the issue with the starter. I got a good quote and had the starter replaced the next day. The vehicle is functioning fine now.

on September 12

Awesome. Tried twice to jump my car (frustrating because it didn't work either night). Was concerned I'd have to get it towed and then remembered I used to work in an office next to YourMechanic and thought I remembered that they could come to your site. I was nervous about price but thought that it would be cheaper than a tow job no matter what. I'm naturally skeptical about mechanics because I don't know enough to know if they're telling me the truth. Honorio had good reviews though and the company had good reviews on Yelp. The only bad reviews related to people who had super complicated car problems anyway but the vast majority were positive, so I gave it a shot. Well - Honorio came and fixed my problem and got the car running in exactly 45 min. He found the cheapest possible solution (washing the corrosion off of the battery posts) and jumped it (and didn't charge me for any parts). He explained that he thought I should probably get a new battery (which would mean hed send an invoice), but he then offered that I could survive on this battery longer and if I later needed it replaced, he told me a less expensive way to do it (at Costco). This was BY FAR the most impressive part. He actually told me how to save $ by doing it myself. So for the price of the inspection (<$100), he fixed my problem and he even spent 5 min teaching how to better maintain the car. This makes me want to hire him again any time anything goes wrong because I actually feel like I can trust him. He was super polite and walked me through everything he did. I'm now officially a YourMechanic evangelist.

on September 02

I have had three appts with Honorio , and he has saved me a ton of money and is completely trustworthy. He takes the time to explain the issue , and discuss alternatives. I cannot recommend him highly enough.


  • 7,500 Miles Maintenance S...


Mazda Miata
on March 29


on July 15

Honorio is not only experienced mechanic but also he is very good human being. I had very very good experience with. Also very quick, convenient and professional service. Honorio was friendly enough and honest and in fact fixed a "problem" right away ! He is highly recommended!

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