15 years of experience
San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA

I've been an automotive technician for 12 years and have worked for an independent shop as well as a Ford dealership. My areas of expertise are timing belts, brakes, tune-ups, air conditioning, and engine work and I have a deep understanding of how to properly work on all types of cars.





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on May 13

Honorio came 15 minutes early, and identified the two problems with my car well within the estimated time. He showed me and recommended the follow up and the specific parts to be replaced (a PCV valve and airco fan relay). He even manually (and temporarily) adjusted the PCV valve somehow so my engine would not lurch and die at stop signs. So far, all four of the mechanics who have come out from MyMechanics.com have been a great help, Honorio being no exception to my good luck so far. I actually have a great mechanic but his answering machine keeps answering: "Sorry for the inconvenience, but the shop is closed for several months"! Honorio and crew bring the shop right to my parking lot. Good deal. Sincerely, oldcodger1943.



Toyota Prius
on April 28

Honorio showed up on time and was quickly and professionally able to replace my car battery. 10/10 would book YourMechanic and Honorio again in a heartbeat.


  • 150,000 Miles Maintenance...


Chevrolet HHR
on April 27

Whenever we have an appointment with Honorio, it's not just an appointment for repair or maintenance on our car, but also a lesson in why something isn't working. With his help, we've become more confident in understanding how our vehicle works and a lot less likely to be scammed with any future repairs (should we move or have an emergency and need to see someone else wherever we are, otherwise we're extremely loyal to Honorio, no one else is allowed to touch our car, ha!) now that he's empowered us with knowledge.

on April 26

Honorio showed up on time and took great care of my car. He is a pleasant guy to talk to and gave me some insightful feedback on the condition of the vehicle. I would recommend Honorio to all my friends and family. Friendly guy, awesome tool inventory, and an amazing auto tech.

on May 02

Will ask for Honorio next time I have a problem. I had to work when the appointment was scheduled gave him the spar and he did an amazing job.

on April 18

Showed up a little late (which was due to traffic), but assessed my situation perfectly: bad battery, needs to be replaced. Troubleshooted the situation as I would have expected. A follow up appointment has been scheduled to replace the battery.


  • 100,000 Miles Maintenance...


Volkswagen Jetta
on April 17

Honorio was early. (I was five minutes late.) He was exceptionally understanding and patient when onsite security made him stop my car maintenance. (And I lost my cool with them.) He was incredibly resourceful and found a nearby location where he could finish my job. (While I walked back to work counting backwards from 100.) He was thorough, communicative, and efficient. (I have the texts and pictures to prove it.) All in all, exceptional service in less-than-ideal circumstances. I recommend him (and Your Mechanic) 1,000%.

on April 13

Honorio arrived at my door right on time , he was very professional and very friendly,we are new in this area, we are so happy that we have found a honest and excellent mechanic that we can trust!



Nissan 350Z
on April 23

Standard car battery replacement. Mechanic was 10 minutes early to the appointment, professional, organized, and answered any questions I had.

on April 10

Honorio was punctual and super pleasant to deal with, and extremely knowledgeable about my classic Ford Thunderbird! He got straight to the issue and gave me some very valuable pointers on some other things to watch out for. He even checked all the fluids and found that the power steering fluid was low and promptly topped it up!!I hope to not need a mechanic again soon, however if I do, I hope he shows up!!

on April 10

Arrived on time and had good answers for all questions and knew what to prioritize for this visit and the next. The work I had done was done in a timely manner and look forward to working with him again.



Ford Escape
on April 07

Honoring showed up right on time, was courteous, professional, really knew his specialty and completed the job well within the estimated window. I did a test drive to try out my AC and I got cold air blowing for the first time in several years! Many thanks, Honorio!

on April 01

My car has not been running good since the last mechanic from my mechanic worked on my car. I called my mechanic and explained to them what had happened. They said they will send someone to see what the problem was and they sent Honorio. Honorio arrives and finds the problem within minutes. Since the work is under the warranty. I made the appointment to have my worked on with Honorio. Honorio is an expert on what he does. He is very professional and friendly. He goes above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied with his work. Honorio fixed the problem on my car what the other mechanic could not fix. Honorio suggested we take my car for a test drive. My car was running so good. What empress me the most was Honorio's customer service. Honorio stayed until I was satisfied, not like the other mechanic who lied to me and said that the rough idling on my car is normal after a valve cover gasket had been worked on and the idling will return to normal when you drive your car for 20 miles then the mechanic leaves. If you want the best customer service, an expert on cars. I would highly recommend Honorio. Thank you Honorio for everything!!!!

on March 28

Honorio arrived 10 minutes early which was great. He was very professional, friendly and very knowledgeable. He found the problem on my car within minutes!! I was very impressed with the knowledge he has for car. To me he is an expert on what he does. He will show you and explain what the problem is, Honorio goes above and beyond. It's very hard to find a mechanic you can trust. I just found my mechanic. Thank you Honorio for showing and explaining to me what the root cause of the problem was. Your customer service is the best I've ever experienced!!


  • 142,500 Miles Maintenance...


Honda Odyssey
on March 15

Honorio was on time, easy to talk with and did the work quickly and efficiently. He took photos, showed me what I need to replace, and made sure to note which type of hose I would need.


  • Car Inspection


Honda Accord
on March 13

Honorio was not just on time, he was 10 minutes early, which was much appreciated. Although I had booked him to replace front and rear brakes, as well as the rotors, and he had purchased the parts, when he inspected the car Honorio told me that I did not need the brakes replaced. He gave the car a good inspection and only charged me for that, saving me several hundred dollars.

on February 26

Honorio is very professional and helpful. My car won't start after booking service thru YourMechanic he came to my house (on time) , inspected the problem and explained me what it needs fix. Finally, he fixed my car. He saved a lot of money for me. Thanks a lot Honorio!

on May 19

Very knowledgeable and professional. Thank you Honorio! I want to book you for my oil change, but our availability conflicts. I'll catch you later.



Honda Accord
on October 11

Honor io did an excellent job of diagnosing my starting problem. Very kind, easy to talk to and attentive. Highly recommended if in need for a honest and trustful mechanic.



Toyota RAV4
on October 21

He did an excellent job for my RAV4. He replaced break pads, now they work completely well. I had an appointment very early morning, but he came to my place in time. It was also amazing for me.

on October 28

Honorio is a great mechanic and very good human being. He has vast experience of car repair services almost for all models . This is the second time I am getting his service for my Volvo S80 repaired. First time I took his service for my Passat. As usual, both times I got services beyond my expectations. I have personally recommended Honorio to all my friends and they are happy!

on May 14

Great service and a lot of time spent patiently explaining to me all the details of my car repairs. I felt instinctively that Honorio is the type of professional mechanic that will do everything he can to help the customer.

on November 06

Honorio diagnosed and fixed my power window + outlets despite one of the parts I ordered being defective. He took the extra time to explain to me what the problems were and how he was going about fixing them. In the end, the entire job took longer than expected but he honored his original labor quote. I couldn't be more satisfied with the job he did.

on September 15

Honorio was great! This is my second time booking him to make repairs to my vehicle. Each time Honorio is kind, thorough, and knowledgeable about the repairs nessassary to keep my car in excellent condition. I will diffiantly use Honorio again as he is my mechanic of choice!

on November 17

Honorio was great! He was at my office on time, very easy to work with and took the time to explain the service on my vehicle. And the honesty! He charged me less than my estimate, and explained that this was because the quote I received was incorrect. Amazing! He could have easily charged more and I would have been none-the-wiser. Fantastic!


  • Tune-up


Toyota Tacoma
on May 20

Honorio deJesus is an experienced yet honest mechanics. He would gladly not do the replacement when he sees that your vehicle does not need it (others would do it anyway so they can make more money). Highly recommended.

on November 21

How could repairs be done with out a shop? Honorios did a wonderful job! He was meticulous, checked everything over thoroughly and explained things to me in a way I could understand. I was so glad to have the repair done at home and not be stranded at a uncomfortable shop. Thank you so much for your car to my car.

on November 23

Honorio was great! Arrived right on time. In addition to the recommended work, helped to clean the throttle body and MAF sensor. I drove the car for the first time after work and it is working good. I will update if any issues come up.


  • Inspection / Diagnostics


Chevrolet Monte Carlo
on December 15

Honorio was excellent!! He showed up on time, was incredibly courteous, humble and honest! Thank you Honorio for not only looking at my car but also teaching me about the reasons why my car was having problems. I look forward to doing business with you again.



Mazda 3
on December 14

My experience with Honorio was 100% positive. I appreciate that he took the time to communicate with me clearly. He lowered by bill on-the-spot when I told him I needed one headlamp bulb replaced and not both.

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