15 years of experience
San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA

I've been an automotive technician since 2002 and have worked for an independent shop as well as a Ford dealership. My areas of expertise are timing belts, brakes, tune-ups, air conditioning, and engine work. I have a deep understanding of how to properly work on all types of Domestic, European, and Asian cars. My customers can count on me to get their vehicle back in great shape.





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Dodge Ram 1500
on July 26

Did a fantastic job.

on July 24

Honorio was early for the appointment and did a very thorough job both of looking into the issues with my AC and also explaining to me exactly what I needed and how he came to the conclusion that he did. He described the issue to me and told me how it could be fixed and provided a quote on the spot for the work and the parts needed.

on July 24

Honorio was very patient and methodical and thorough. He knew all of the tricks to make the job go smoothly, but took the time to do it right. He was easy to talk to and was happy to explain things when I asked questions. This was my first experience with YourMechanic.com, and it turned out to be better than expected. I waited two days to write this review to ensure no engine leaking or other problems cropped up. The car is running beautifully and I haven't seen a single drip on the pavement or under the hood.

on July 18

This guy is just simply the best mechanic/technician I have ever come across or dealt with, it's like calling a buddy to help you with your car troubles! I had a faulty battery in my Mazda that went from being perfectly fine to completely dead and was driving the immobilizer crazy! Honorio was there on time, he jumped the car, checked the voltage range and told me that I'd need to get a new battery. He then took the time to do a complete walkaround of the car and an inspection of all the fluids and belts when I told him that me and the wife were hitting the road for a mega roadtrip the next day!

on July 14

Honorio deserves 10 stars! He was very prompt, polite, extremely knowledgable and was happy to answer my questions and explain things with no rush. He showed me what was done and what was replaced. He is meticulous about his work and wants to be sure his customer is completely happy with his work. I certainly am! I was extremely pleased with Honorio's service and the rates were so reasonable. I will definitely hire Honorio again!



Mazda 6
on July 03

Super reliable mechanic, gives thorough explanations and addresses only the timely repairs. Recommends repairs only appropriate for the specific car with the specific person's needs. Has become my go-to mechanic.



Nissan Murano
on July 03

Honorio De Jesus is my go-to mechanic. This is my fourth car repair with him, 2 different times for 2 different cars, it's easy to see why he'll gain your confidence right away. Very professional and lots of years of experience shows.



Acura RDX
on July 05

This is the 3rd time I've used Honorio over the last 1.5 years and he's a great technician. Always professional, on time and very knowledgeable.

on July 08

Honorio was even early for a 7:00am appointment. He did the work timely and efficiently. I will request him on my next Your Mechanic project.

on June 22

Honorio was great! I had concerns about parts being replaced and we agreed to re-schedule and get the job done properly. The brake job was done it a couple of hours and the car is running great. Service was great, car is running well, and Honorio was a pleasure to work with.



on July 18

Honorio arrived on time (before appointment time) and did an excellent job on replacing my brake pads! Great job overall *****

on June 15

step by step to conduct his job for the thermostat replacement. It's the first time he encounter that the inverter assembly/ converter need to be removed before he can get access to the thermostat. It took longer than than estimate, so he needs to cancel the next appointment. He did the good job and keep my driveway clean, explained to me patiently for the processes. I will hire him again, definitely.

on July 24

He again was professional, kind and prompt! Definitely would recommend anyone who needs their car serviced to call Honorio!

on June 12

We used YourMechanics second time, because of Honorio's superb impression previously, and this time again, he did go above and beyond our expectation. Thank you.

on June 08

Honorio was punctual and immediately gained my confidence. He explained his used-car inspection thoroughly in language I could understand and was always courteous. I rode along on the test ride and was very impressed with his thoroughness and the consideration shown for me and my relative lack of experience.

on June 01

Honorio was extremely helpful. He did a used car inspection on a vehicle I was considering buying. He showed me a number of issues with the car and explained why they affected the performance. I believe his information helped me decide against buying what was probably a real lemon. Thanks Honorio!

on May 27

Honorio was amazing. He helped us realize that our vibration problem was not likely related to what we thought it might be. I appreciated his honesty and his interest in getting the best result.

on May 27

Described what he would do, did it, described what he did. Very polite and efficient. Would certainly ask for him again by name and recommend. Thanks Honorio!

on May 13

Honorio came 15 minutes early, and identified the two problems with my car well within the estimated time. He showed me and recommended the follow up and the specific parts to be replaced (a PCV valve and airco fan relay). He even manually (and temporarily) adjusted the PCV valve somehow so my engine would not lurch and die at stop signs. So far, all four of the mechanics who have come out from MyMechanics.com have been a great help, Honorio being no exception to my good luck so far. I actually have a great mechanic but his answering machine keeps answering: "Sorry for the inconvenience, but the shop is closed for several months"! Honorio and crew bring the shop right to my parking lot. Good deal. Sincerely, oldcodger1943.

on July 15

Honorario was awesome. He explained everything he was doing as he replaced the brake pads and rotors



Toyota Prius
on April 28

Honorio showed up on time and was quickly and professionally able to replace my car battery. 10/10 would book YourMechanic and Honorio again in a heartbeat.



Acura TSX
on June 29

I loved him, he knew what he was doing, and made sure everything was done correctly, and even put the same exact part in, instead of a different part very helpful, left me with some great tips, and over all an awesome person (he even managed to come early)! I highly recommend him, as well as this conpany



Honda Accord
on October 11

Honor io did an excellent job of diagnosing my starting problem. Very kind, easy to talk to and attentive. Highly recommended if in need for a honest and trustful mechanic.



Toyota RAV4
on October 21

He did an excellent job for my RAV4. He replaced break pads, now they work completely well. I had an appointment very early morning, but he came to my place in time. It was also amazing for me.

on October 28

Honorio is a great mechanic and very good human being. He has vast experience of car repair services almost for all models . This is the second time I am getting his service for my Volvo S80 repaired. First time I took his service for my Passat. As usual, both times I got services beyond my expectations. I have personally recommended Honorio to all my friends and they are happy!

on June 12

Honorios was super professional in looking at our car. He explained the current state of the car well enough and in a trustworthy manner. His service was quick and it was done by the time we wanted to go to work. This was the first use of YourMechanics, and it feels great that we don't have to bring our car to the dealershop where overbooking is the norm.

on May 14

Great service and a lot of time spent patiently explaining to me all the details of my car repairs. I felt instinctively that Honorio is the type of professional mechanic that will do everything he can to help the customer.

on November 06

Honorio diagnosed and fixed my power window + outlets despite one of the parts I ordered being defective. He took the extra time to explain to me what the problems were and how he was going about fixing them. In the end, the entire job took longer than expected but he honored his original labor quote. I couldn't be more satisfied with the job he did.

on September 15

Honorio was great! This is my second time booking him to make repairs to my vehicle. Each time Honorio is kind, thorough, and knowledgeable about the repairs nessassary to keep my car in excellent condition. I will diffiantly use Honorio again as he is my mechanic of choice!

on June 30

Honorio called when he was on his way over, preformed the work very competently, communicated his findings along the way. Everything I expect from a true professional. I will definitely use his service again. The price is fair and it couldn't be more convenient!

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