Brake Rotor

As you'd expect, Brake Rotor is a commonly used part. It's been used by YourMechanic in thousands of appointments. On average, these jobs have been completed with a rating of 4.9 out of 5.

This part is required for one service: Brake Rotors/Discs Replacement

There are 1 different types of Brake Rotors - Rear.

Services that require this part

Service Name Price Range
Brake Rotors/Discs Replacement $140.69 - $15119.01

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This is the best idea ever. No more waiting at garages. No more getting a ride from a friend. Whitney was on time, professional and careful. He took care of my brakes and diagnosed a weird steering problem I have. He also didn't pressure me At all to fix the other problem today, because it can wait a few weeks. I really can't imagine a better idea! We will be scheduling him again with your

(We had a previous mechanic leave us with squeaky brakes. We saw nothing wrong with that, since everyone makes mistakes now and then, and fixing cars requires some finesse. That mechanic came back, didn't even take anything off and look, tried to blame the problem on someone else, and basically did the least he could and the brakes continued to squeal --worse. My husband and I were very disappointed.) However, Bacle came, and fixed the problem. He took the TIME to respectfully explain the several issues that could be going on. He took the TIME to show me the new pads and explain also some other things that I needed to take care of. Then he also OFFERED to come back ASAP if they still squealed. 4 days later and the brakes are still wonderfully quiet. Bacle was also respectful and friendly and not opinionated. THANK YOU Bacle for fixing our squealing brakes!

Robert was great, would definitely use him again!
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