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I started my business "Mechanic on Wheels" 15 years ago in Philadelphia. I am blessed to be living in the beautiful bay area now. I have been working on cars for more than 25 years. I work on all makes and models and I will be happy to come to you to help with any car problems you might have. Thank you for looking at my profile!

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Customer Test
Car Toyota Matrix
Services Change Oil and Filter
Apr 15, 2014 Amount Paid: $127.83

Whitney was very good. He was knowledgeable, friendly and was very organized. I would definitely use him again .

Customer Alicia
Car Volkswagen Jetta
Services Accidentally filled our diesel engine with gas. Didn't drive it very far. Wondering if someone can come to the vehicle, drain the gas and lines, prime fuel lines, replace fuel filter (we have a replacement you can use), drain ignition pump, and add back diesel fuel.
Fuel Filter
Apr 14, 2014 Amount Paid: $280.00

Whitney is the best! He and his van Samson came by my work and saved the day! Like a super hero!

Customer Nipun
Car Toyota Solara
Services Pre-purchase Car Inspection
Apr 10, 2014 Amount Paid: $112.00

Customer Mengyun
Car Mazda 6
Services Thermostat
Apr 10, 2014 Amount Paid: $196.71

Customer Andrew
Car Mini Cooper
Services Fuel Pump
Apr 09, 2014 Amount Paid: $473.76

Showed up right on time, worked quickly, very responsive / communicative.

Customer Nola
Car Lincoln Navigator
Services Change Oil and Filter
Apr 08, 2014 Amount Paid: $141.20

good job

Car Audi A4 quattro
Services 85,000 Miles Maintenance Service
Apr 04, 2014 Amount Paid: $80.00

In addition to the scheduled works, Whitney took the time listening my concern about oil leak and showed me valve gasket could be the cause. At the same time he found some loose bolts that may also attribute to the leaks. He tightened up the bolts and kindly recommend me continue to observe if situation remains without any hard pressure on me to replace the valve gasket. It's a great car service experience.

Customer Vivek
Car Audi A4 quattro
Services Check Engine Light is on
Mar 31, 2014 Amount Paid: $80.00

Whitney was great. Arrived on time and wasted no time in jumping into finding out what's wrong with my car. Suggested few other services on top of it to make the car run smoothly and given some recommendations as well.

Customer Andrew
Car Jeep Wrangler
Services Differential / Gear Oil
Mar 28, 2014 Amount Paid: $114.97

Very knowledgeable from many years of experience, courteous, professional.

Customer Andrew
Car Honda Accord
Services Pre-purchase Car Inspection
Mar 26, 2014 Amount Paid: $112.00

Whitney is awesome.

Customer Jeff
Car Toyota Camry
Services Valve Cover Gasket
Mar 20, 2014 Amount Paid: $277.08

Customer Mingtao
Car Toyota Celica
Services Clean Throttle Body
Flush Fuel Injector
Spark Plugs
Mar 18, 2014 Amount Paid: $96.62

Customer Barrett
Car Subaru Legacy
Services Car is not starting
Mar 18, 2014 Amount Paid: $80.00

Customer Maitreyee
Car Honda Accord
Services Brake Pads
Adjust Drum Brakes
Mar 16, 2014 Amount Paid: $329.56

Customer Patrick
Car Chevrolet Tahoe
Services Replace knock sensor
Mar 13, 2014 Amount Paid: $400.69

On time. Very knowledgable. Got the car done on time so I could make it to my sons soccer game!!!! Great job.

Customer Sabrina
Car Toyota Yaris
Services Battery
Mar 11, 2014 Amount Paid: $180.45

Customer Anastasia
Car Toyota Avalon
Services Axle / CV Shaft Assembly
Mar 09, 2014 Amount Paid: $240.00

Went above and beyond with service! Not only replaced my axles, but gave me advice on needed repairs for my old, high mileage car, gave me an oil top-up and removed some scratches I had on the side. 10/10 would recommend

Customer Adam
Car Ford Explorer
Services Ignition Coil
Mar 07, 2014 Amount Paid: $145.23

Customer Daryl
Car Pontiac Grand Am
Services Car is not starting
Mar 06, 2014 Amount Paid: $85.00

He was very helpful in explaining the problems with my car. Very professional and easy to understand. I would highly recommend him to friends and family. Thank you again Whitney.

Customer Norma
Car Ford Expedition
Services Other Inspections
Mar 02, 2014 Amount Paid: $80.00

Customer Eddie
Car Toyota Camry
Services Pre-purchase Car Inspection
Feb 25, 2014 Amount Paid: $112.00

Whitney was very professional. He arrived early and was very polite. Booked him for a pre purchase vehicle inspection. He was very thorough and was able to pinpoint to me the pros and cons of the car. I will be booking him for future services and would recommend him to others.

Customer Chris
Car Chevrolet Express 2500
Services Power Brake Booster
Feb 24, 2014 Amount Paid: $104.00

Whitney arrived at my home even earlier than expected, which was great bc he got a jump-start on replacing the brake booster in my van. The quoted time of labor was exact, and I feel I received excellent service at an excellent rate. Local repair shops wanted 3-4x the cost for parts and labor. Granted I did supply my own parts. Regardless, I would never hesitate to use YourMechanic.com in the future. Whitney assisted even further by topping off my trans, power steering, oil, and coolant fluids. He also inflated all tires to recommended psi, checked brakes, shocks, etc... Awesome!!

Customer Nicolas
Car Chrysler Sebring
Services Car is not starting
Feb 24, 2014 Amount Paid: $80.00

Customer Paul
Car Ford Focus
Services Brake System Flush
Feb 19, 2014 Amount Paid: $93.92

Customer Haemi
Car Honda Civic
Services Noise from engine or exhaust
Feb 18, 2014 Amount Paid: $80.00

Customer Keguo
Car Dodge Grand Caravan
Services Brake Rotor/Disc
Feb 18, 2014 Amount Paid: $263.48

Customer Mark
Car GMC Sonoma
Services Ignition Cable (Spark plug wires)
Distributor Rotor and Cap
Feb 17, 2014 Amount Paid: $238.21

Customer LAKSH
Car Toyota Camry
Services Brake Pads
Water Pump
Feb 12, 2014 Amount Paid: $394.58

Customer Shankar
Car Toyota Highlander
Services Timing Belt
Feb 09, 2014 Amount Paid: $568.16

Whitney is awesome, He is truly an expert. Came on time, explained to me what was going to happen, went through it step by step. It took a little more time than expected, but I would consider it a PLUS, considering that he was more interested in getting it right than getting it done fast.

Customer John
Car Mitsubishi Montero
Services Check Engine Light is on
Feb 09, 2014 Amount Paid: $80.00

Friendly, professional and thorough.

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