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My motto is simple - I will take care of your car like my mother's car. I will go the extra mile to make sure you are happy. My reviews says it all. I have been fixing cars for longer than I can remember. No job is too small or too big for me. Need oil change or a new engine - no problem! Car is not passing the smog - I am here to help. Just tell me what you need and I will take care of it. I work 7 days a week. I can start early in the morning or work late in the evening to accommodate your schedule. My truck is fully loaded with all the tools and scanners. I am also a transmission specialist. Please read my reviews and book me for any car service you need.

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Customer Logan
Car Mitsubishi Montero Sport
Services 90,000 Miles Maintenance Service
Apr 20, 2014 Amount Paid: $481.03

I had the 90k service which included an air filter, he saw my air filter was fairly new and didn't replace it. Honest and finished quickly. Can't ask for anything more.

Customer Jerry
Car GMC Yukon XL 1500
Services Oxygen Sensor
Mar 18, 2014 Amount Paid: $189.60

Robert was absolutely amazing. He went above and beyond to solve my issue and was an absolute pleasure to work with. I would recommend Robert to anyone, he is truly great!

Customer Sungmoon
Car Toyota Prius
Services Water Pump
Mar 16, 2014 Amount Paid: $225.39

Great experience! Robert not only replaced the part at a fair price, but also diagnosed potential problems.

Customer Sunil
Car Honda Civic
Services Brake Pads
Brake System Flush
Mar 16, 2014 Amount Paid: $250.87

Customer Ben
Car Acura Legend
Services Starter
Mar 10, 2014 Amount Paid: $75.00

Customer Rohit
Car Volkswagen Passat
Services Oil/Fluid Leak
Mar 10, 2014 Amount Paid: $80.00

Customer Lindsay
Car Chevrolet Corvette
Services Intake Manifold Gaskets
Change Oil and Filter
Valve Cover Gasket
Mar 07, 2014 Amount Paid: $772.68

This guy is awesome. He knows his stuff and he gets the job done right the first time. My 91 Corvette is running better than it has in a long time and I have Robert to thank. Hire him. You will not be disappointed.

Customer David
Car Ford Taurus
Services rough idle inspection
Mar 06, 2014 Amount Paid: $75.00

Robert was on time and professional. He is very experienced and made me feel at ease. I had some friends self-diagnose the car. They told me it was the fuel pump. When Robert came, I told him it was the fuel pump. He checked everything first and did a diagnostics check with his computer. Turns out it was a vacuum hose underneath the hood. He found out because of his computer and saved me over $300. He was very honest and knowledgeable. He fixed my car in less than an hour. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone.

Customer Roger
Car Saturn SL1
Services Brake Pads
Mar 04, 2014 Amount Paid: $213.53

This guy is a car genius or something. He had the front brakes and rotors replaced so fast that I barely had time to finish a glass of coffee. On top of that he noticed about three other issues that will break sooner or later - no pressure, just pointed them out. I feel sorry for those suckers stuck at Pep Boys and places like that.

Customer Nancy
Car Honda CR-V
Services Idle Control Valve
Feb 27, 2014 Amount Paid: $359.30

Customer Darvale
Car BMW 745i
Services Loss of power
Feb 27, 2014 Amount Paid: $80.00

Great job!

Customer Steve
Car Audi A6 quattro
Services Alternator
Feb 26, 2014 Amount Paid: $240.00

Customer Owen
Car Mercedes-Benz GLK350
Services Serpentine/Drive Belt
Feb 25, 2014 Amount Paid: $126.96

Customer SA
Car Honda Odyssey
Services Brake System Flush
Wheel Bearings
Feb 24, 2014 Amount Paid: $507.84

Quick and clean job. No issues. Thank you!!

Customer Virgil
Car Chrysler PT Cruiser
Services Engine Mount
Engine Mount
Feb 18, 2014 Amount Paid: $268.95

Customer Val
Car Volkswagen Passat
Services Oil/Fluid Leak
Feb 17, 2014 Amount Paid: $80.00

Customer Larry
Car Chevrolet Astro
Services Alternator
Jan 28, 2014 Amount Paid: $301.83

Robert did an excellent job, very profressional!

Customer Terry
Car Ford Excursion
Services Shock Absorber
Change Oil and Filter
Jan 28, 2014 Amount Paid: $195.00

Customer Paul
Car Ford Taurus
Services Check Engine Light is on
Jan 16, 2014 Amount Paid: $80.00

Customer Ioan
Car Toyota Corolla
Services Radiator Hose
Water Pump
Jan 15, 2014 Amount Paid: $288.30

He just knows his stuff. Thank you Robert!

Customer Kamsik
Car Mercedes-Benz 300SD
Services Noise from engine or exhaust
Jan 06, 2014 Amount Paid: $80.00

Robert is good or even better than the other reviews. He does not only solve your problem but he ensures that your car is at its best before he leaves. He tries very hard to make your car perfect. When parts are not available he will try to make it. I regret very much not to hive him a tip when he left. It seems that Robert has a very busy schedule. Perhaps, his devotion to perfection takes extra time and make him a little bit late on schedule.

Customer Todd
Car Subaru Outback
Services Axle / CV Shaft Assembly
Dec 10, 2013 Amount Paid: $195.35

Customer Scott
Car Chevrolet Equinox
Services Mirror Control Switch
part is ordered and waiting at Stevens Creek Chevrolet
Dec 08, 2013 Amount Paid: $282.81

Great job, great guy.

Customer Rhonda
Car Dodge Ram 2500
Services 75 Point Safety Inspection
Dec 05, 2013 Amount Paid: $80.00

Customer Todd
Car Subaru Outback
Services Timing Belt
Nov 30, 2013 Amount Paid: $585.78

Already using him again...

Customer Roshelle
Car Dodge Ram 1500
Services 150,000 Miles Maintenance Service
Brake System Inspection
Nov 26, 2013 Amount Paid: $572.16

Customer Dave
Car Chevrolet Corvette
Services remove carburetor
install new carburetor
Nov 24, 2013 Amount Paid: $160.00

Robert is knowledgable and handled the problem quickly & efficiently. He is also friendly & courteous. I would definitely Request Robert again if I need this type of service.

Customer Jeff
Car BMW 330i
Services Brake Pads
Nov 23, 2013 Amount Paid: $80.00

Robert was great. Showed up on time and did the work as expected - replace brake pads on a 2003 BMW 330i. He was also friendly and we had a nice chat while he worked. Would definitely recommend Robert, and will make my primary source for mechanic work!

Customer Shujing
Car Honda Odyssey
Services Timing Belt
Nov 19, 2013 Amount Paid: $571.14

Robert is really nice and professional and gives you good advice. He found out that the Mono Valve on the driver side was broken when he is replacing the timing belt for our car. He helped us change it without adding labor cost. Thank you Robert!

Customer John
Car Chevrolet C10
Services Engine idle speed is high
Nov 19, 2013 Amount Paid: $80.00

I appreciate very much that Robert was very thorough in his inspection & diagnosis of my truck's idle & related issues. His inspection found (and pointed out to me) that the carburetor base plate was leaking. He also checked all vacuum lines, replaced / fixed a couple of them, and identified another that he'll fix next time. He also pointed out that the distributor cap needs to be replaced. He ordered the parts on the spot and set another appointment to complete the work. In addition, he checked my radiator, tires pressure, & brake pads. Robert is very professional, efficient, and personable. A great asset & representative of Your Mechanic. THANK YOU!!

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