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Hi. I am Mike. There isn't a car or problem that I cannot fix. After working on cars for 30 plus years, I have seen it all. I am a smog specialist with a lot of experience dealing with electrical problems in cars (check engine lights, wiring problems). If you need a top notch mechanic who will go above and beyond to help you, book me and I will get it done.

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Customer Josh
Car BMW 330i
Services Check Engine Light is on
Dec 11, 2012 Amount Paid: $64.00

Customer Patrick
Car Mazda Protege
Services Starter
Dec 07, 2012 Amount Paid: $220.81

Absolutely exceptional service. Michael went out of his way to help me get my car back on the road. Would recommend Michael and YourMechanic without hesitation to anyone.

Customer Dan
Car Ford Mustang
Services Mirror
Dec 06, 2012 Amount Paid: $119.40

Michael was really quick and it was a lot of fun to know what was going on with the repair. Would def recommend him!

Customer Henry
Car Nissan Frontier
Services Spark Plugs
Change Oil and Filter
Dec 06, 2012 Amount Paid: $230.45

Michael was very friendly and out-going, and took care of the work quickly and efficiently.

Customer Todd
Car GMC Yukon
Services Alternator
Intake Manifold Gaskets
Dec 04, 2012 Amount Paid: $693.67

Michael was great to work with! He was professional and clearly explained what we needed. While you never hope to need car repairs- if and when I do I will definitely use Your Mechanic and hope I get Michael. Todd

Customer Constance
Car Ford Ranger
Services Brake Pads
Spark Plugs
Fuel Filter
Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) Valve
Air Filter
Work for rotor
Nov 26, 2012 Amount Paid: $497.17

I have used Michael 3 or 4 times now and he has always provided quality service at the price quoted and given me a very detailed explanation of work to be completed.

Customer Justin
Car Volkswagen Jetta
Services Water Pump
Nov 23, 2012 Amount Paid: $884.39

Michael is THE MAN! After having my water pump break on my VW, I was looking at a steep repair bill with a typical mechanic/garage. Good thing I checked out YourMechanic, because this great service was able to save me $400 on what I would have paid at a typical repair shop. Michael was an incredible resource and provided EXCELLENT service. Specifically, my HOA was not pleased I hired YourMechanic to do the repair in my apartment garage, but Michael handled the situation like a true professional. Instead of it becoming an issue, he found me an alternate location to have the car towed to so he could finish the repair. Amazing service. I couldn't be happier and I can't wait till you guys come to SF fulltime!

Customer Celine
Car Saab 900
Services Lights are not working
Nov 21, 2012 Amount Paid: $32.00

He was right on time, super efficient. He found the problem right away and double check all was fixed. I hope my car don't break soon, but I am looking forward to see micheal soon!

Customer Ratesh
Car Audi A6 Quattro
Services Repair Vaccum Lines
Install Vaccum Tubes
Nov 15, 2012 Amount Paid: $293.61

After the long delay in getting my check engine light issue fixed, I called up to complain. Next day I got a call from Michael and he was going to come over to fix it himself. He came over, rediagnosed the problem to double check and fixed it. He called me again to check that everything was taken care of. I'm happy now. This guy knows what he is doing!

Customer Tony
Car Toyota RAV4
Services 45,000 Miles Service
Nov 13, 2012 Amount Paid: $145.92

Michael came out with a new trainee and requested he do it and Michael supervise, I was ok with this. Michael explained what he was going to do and what he did afterwards, clearly.

Customer Rachel
Car Volkswagen Jetta
Services Windshield Wiper Blade
Change Oil and Filter
Nov 09, 2012 Amount Paid: $98.05

Customer Roy
Car Audi TT Quattro
Services Coolant is leaking
Nov 06, 2012 Amount Paid: $40.00

Quite impressed. He was able to find the leak right away with a pressure test. He will be getting back to me with a parts cost and labor breakdown to fix the coolant leak. Looking forward to having it completed and out of the way.

Customer Andrew
Car Mercedes-Benz ML320
Services Car is not starting
Nov 01, 2012 Amount Paid: $207.72

Quick, courteous, professional, love it.

Customer Josh
Car Jaguar XF
Services Washer fluid does not spray onto windshield
Oct 31, 2012 Amount Paid: $40.00

Resolved problem in under an hour (took only 2-3 minutes of my time to hand off keys and debrief after) and for under $40. Huge vs. the time it would take me to take down to dealership.

Customer Simeon
Car Honda Accord
Services 40,000 Miles Service
Oct 31, 2012 Amount Paid: $93.61

This was the best experience with a scheduled service check up I've ever had. Michael arrived early, was professional, friendly, thorough, and quick.

Customer Linmiao
Car Honda Accord
Services Replace main relay
Oct 26, 2012 Amount Paid: $107.35

Customer Wil
Car Toyota Avalon
Services Change Oil and Filter
Oct 26, 2012 Amount Paid: $61.43

It was cool that he explained to me what was going on, and didn't mind me asking lots of questions.

Customer Alex
Car Saturn SL2
Services not clutching out fully
Oct 26, 2012 Amount Paid: $40.00

Saved me $700. Other mechanic wanted to take out the engine to check the clutch and shift cables.

Customer Erhan
Car Volkswagen Beetle
Services Check Engine Light is on
Oct 23, 2012 Amount Paid: $32.00

Another awesome service from Michael! He quickly diagnosed the problem and fixed it! Very honest, very friendly. I've been extremely happy with Michael!

Customer Santhosh
Car Honda CR-V
Services Oxygen Sensor
Oct 19, 2012 Amount Paid: $261.67

He arrived at 3 pm sharp, very prompt. He completed the work in 20 mins as estimated. Explained to me what the issue with the sensor was before fixing it and showed the computer readings after fixing it to show the improvement. He is a Genius, totally would trust this mechanic. Very professional and extremely quick!!!

Customer Eric
Car Toyota Sienna
Services Timing Belt
Oct 16, 2012 Amount Paid: $610.83

Michael is a great guy to work with - on time, easy to communicate and know what he is doing. After job done, followed up and answered questions very patiently. Feel very comfortable to work with him.

Customer E.J.
Car Honda Civic
Services Battery Light is on
Oct 10, 2012 Amount Paid: $373.94

Customer Ujwal
Car Acura RDX
Services 52,500 Miles Service
Oct 04, 2012 Amount Paid: $108.07

Easy to talk, ready to explain your every question in simplest way.

Customer Kiran
Car Nissan Altima
Services Seat Belt is not working
Brake Light Bulb
Oct 03, 2012 Amount Paid: $38.51

Michael was on time, took care of the bulb issue right away. Seat belt could not be completely fixed, as a spare part was needed. He unlocked it temporarily and is not going to charge as he could not take care of it completely and was clear about the next steps.

Customer Tony
Car Volkswagen GTI
Services Expansion Valve
Receiver Dryer
AC Compressor
30,000 Miles Service
Oct 02, 2012 Amount Paid: $1440.72

Always great and ontime, sometimes forgets to reset the "service now" light/indicator

Customer Nathan
Car Audi TT Quattro
Services Change Oil and Filter
Oct 01, 2012 Amount Paid: $68.49

The sheer convenience of scheduling the service and telling YourMechanic where my car will be on the day and at the time of the appointment. Mike showed up on time and finished very fast! While it was only an oil change, it was my test to see how the service actually worked. It worked! I plan to add the other three cars in my family to the list of vehicles maintained and serviced by YourMechanic.com immediately. There isn't anything that comes close to their service. Heck, they come to you wherever you are!!! Thank you Mike and YourMechanic for simplifying my life when it comes to maintaining my automobiles!

Customer Erhan
Car Volkswagen Beetle
Services Power Brake Booster
Sep 27, 2012 Amount Paid: $317.89

Even though Michael ran into problems with taking the brake booster out, he acknowledged the issue and acted very professional. He took my car to the dealer, got it fixed there at no extra dime for me and constantly apologized for the inconvenience. It was very professional and polite of him to do so. I'd highly recommend Michael!

Customer Josh
Car BMW 330i
Services Coolant is leaking
Sep 25, 2012 Amount Paid: $40.00

Customer Alex
Car Lexus IS350
Services Fix a Flat Tire
Sep 24, 2012 Amount Paid: $40.00

Came on time, easy to work with, fix the tire within 20 minutes. I would use him again

Customer Erhan
Car Volkswagen Beetle
Services Noise from engine or exhaust
Sep 21, 2012 Amount Paid: $60.00

Michael is an awesome guy! He arrived for our appointment on time. He quickly diagnosed the problem (which, other mechanics were not able to!) and came up with a solution. He definitely knows his area. He explains the issue clearly so you understand what's going on with the car. He tested out his theory to show it to me that his solution would fix the problem. Overall I was quite impressed with Michael's diagnosis capability.

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