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I am a journeyman mechanic. I have been working on cars since 1982. I have worked for BMW, Nissan and Toyota dealers over the years. I am semi-retired and I keep myself occupied by working with people like you who need help with their cars. I can work on any car - Imports or Domestics...I am an expert at diagnosing car problems, whether its your Check Engine Light is on or your car is not starting. I am also ASE certified. Please book me and I will come to your home or office to work on your car.

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Customer Sidney
Car Pontiac Montana
Services Mechanic Consultation
May 09, 2014 Amount Paid: $80.00

Customer Valentin
Car Acura TSX
Services Mechanic Consultation
Installation of a towing hitch
May 06, 2014 Amount Paid: $120.00

Amor installed a towing hitch on my car and did a great job. He also worked on our company car few weeks back (working on the suspension) and did great, too. Very easy going and trustworthy and definitely very qualified. Both times arrived on time and did the work for the estimated time and cost. Thank you!

Customer Matt
Car Dodge Dakota
Services Emergency / Parking Brake Cable
May 02, 2014 Amount Paid: $393.83

Amor showed up, diagnosed the issue and found out it was less then what I thought. Set up another appointment to come back and did the work while I was having my kids birthday party. Dude was quick, clean, and efficient. I sent him on his way with leftover food from the party.

Customer Sylvia
Car Pontiac Sunfire
Services Electric Problems
Apr 28, 2014 Amount Paid: $80.00


Customer Wenhui
Car Volvo S40
Services Spark Plugs
Apr 24, 2014 Amount Paid: $142.72

Customer Sairam
Car Nissan Altima
Services Valve Cover Gasket
Apr 23, 2014 Amount Paid: $80.00

Amor knows what he is doing. Period. I had some problems with my 99 Nissan Altima and he fixed them all good. Would definitely recommend Amor.

Customer Vijay
Car BMW 330i
Services Spark Plugs
Apr 17, 2014 Amount Paid: $194.37

This was my second repair with Amor. He is very friendly, knowledgeable and get's the job done. He had to come back again as he found an additional issue. He came back the same day and got my vehicle working.

Customer Vinit
Car Nissan Maxima
Services Spark Plugs
Flush Fuel Injector
Apr 17, 2014 Amount Paid: $248.15

Customer Sylvia
Car Pontiac Sunfire
Services Brake Pads
Serpentine/Drive Belt
Apr 16, 2014 Amount Paid: $327.10

Service is awesome! Glad I found!

Customer Bryan
Car Toyota Camry
Services Door Mirror
Apr 16, 2014 Amount Paid: $80.00

Customer Lamar
Car Volvo S80
Services Ignition Coil
Apr 11, 2014 Amount Paid: $147.84

This experience far exceeded my expectations. It is so convenient! I have already scheduled another appointment.

Customer Patrick
Car Chevrolet Tahoe
Services Warning Light is on
Apr 11, 2014 Amount Paid: $80.00

Customer Lamar
Car Volvo S80
Services Check Engine Light is on
Apr 10, 2014 Amount Paid: $80.00

Fantastic experience. Better than I expected and so comvenient.

Customer Pinku
Car Honda Odyssey
Services Timing Belt
Apr 09, 2014 Amount Paid: $649.07

Customer Andrew
Car Mini Cooper
Services Car is not starting
Apr 01, 2014 Amount Paid: $80.00

Fast, honest, knowledgeable. Would definitely book Amor again.

Customer Patrick
Car Chevrolet Tahoe
Services Brake System Flush
Brake Pads
Mar 18, 2014 Amount Paid: $271.47

Excellent as usual.

Customer GMG
Car Chevrolet HHR
Services Serpentine/Drive Belt
Driver's seat belt replacement - parts and labor
Control Arm Assembly
Stabilizer Links- L & R
Mar 14, 2014 Amount Paid: $1363.53

Amor is very knowledgeable. He did lots of things on our company car - no problems 2 months later with any of the work. Arrived on time and did the work within the quoted time and cost. He brought 2 different suspension control arms (the VIN# could not tell which one exactly was on our vehicle), then took the wrong part back. Great planning! Highly recommended. Thank you!

Customer Yosi
Car Lexus ES300
Services Timing Belt
Mar 13, 2014 Amount Paid: $596.13

Customer Patrick
Car Chevrolet Tahoe
Services Drive Belt Tensioner
Mar 06, 2014 Amount Paid: $151.36

Excellent as usual.

Customer Nidhi
Car Toyota Corolla
Services Water Pump
Serpentine/Drive Belt
Mar 04, 2014 Amount Paid: $267.27

He was very patient and did work very well.

Customer Anil
Car Toyota Camry
Services Radiator
Mar 03, 2014 Amount Paid: $112.00

Thank you for quickly fixing the radiator and also doing a quick check on the condition of my car.

Customer Raj
Car BMW 325i
Services Coolant is leaking
Feb 28, 2014 Amount Paid: $120.00

Customer Thomas
Car Infiniti QX4
Services Camshaft Position Sensor
Feb 26, 2014 Amount Paid: $120.00

I did not have chance to meet Amor did talk on the phone he aound very professional,and explain what he does and what his recomnendation ,good guys

Customer Cheryl
Car Saturn SC2
Services Car is not starting
Feb 25, 2014 Amount Paid: $80.00

As always very pleased and in awe with the service

Customer Paige
Car Ford Focus
Services Alternator
Feb 21, 2014 Amount Paid: $160.00

We, as customers, have nothing to judge your company by except the quality and personality of the mechanic that comes to us. It is, literally by faith alone. And the FACE of your company. Therefor Amor has got to be one of the best things going in a business such as yours. If others have the same experience as I have, then these guys aren't just mechanics. They are your lead sales force, and by Amor's standard, damn good ones. Thank you ALL very much.

Customer Ositini
Car Lincoln Navigator
Services Warning Light is on
Feb 19, 2014 Amount Paid: $80.00

I'm not really sure what is the result of that diagnosetic about engine light on.All I got was service engine light on could be a mulfuntion in engine.Ok what is it.?

Customer Stephanie
Car Nissan Maxima
Services Car is not starting
Feb 18, 2014 Amount Paid: $96.00

Amor called ahead to tell me he was running latem which gave me time to grab a coffee. I had an excellent experience with Raul from your staff the first time and told my friends that i would always use your business. I am always impressed with the quality of mechanics that you send me and I hope to use Amor again for my brake and mounting work.

Customer Patrick
Car Chevrolet Tahoe
Services Ac diagnostic
Feb 17, 2014 Amount Paid: $186.08

Finally an honest mechanic!!!

Customer Kim
Car Toyota Corolla
Services Automatic Transmission Fluid Service
Feb 14, 2014 Amount Paid: $128.24

The website has some issues as our prior mechanic put in the incorrect VIN which resulted in numerous calls to have the correct car put in. However, Amor did a great job addressing the issue.

Customer Bernard
Car Volvo S40
Services Noise from engine or exhaust
Feb 14, 2014 Amount Paid: $80.00

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  • Exp: 34 years (since 1982)
  • Toyota, Nissan, BMW certified

Serving Cities:

  • Los Altos
  • Mountain View
  • Sunnyvale
  • Palo Alto
  • Alameda
  • Fremont
  • Hayward
  • Livermore
  • Newark
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  • Dublin
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