Alternator Repair Estimate for Volvo 242

Volvo 242 Alternator Repair costs $172 on average. Following is a breakdown of the labor and parts estimates.

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YourMechanic Price
$149 to $199
Labor: $70 -$120
Parts: $79
Average Dealer price
$251 to 298
Average Shop price
$182 to 224
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CarServiceYourMechanic PriceShop/Dealer Price
1984 Volvo 242L4-2.1L TurboService typeAlternator RepairYourMechanic Price$190.59Shop/Dealer Price$233.77 - $314.30
1983 Volvo 242L4-2.1L TurboService typeAlternator RepairYourMechanic Price$182.01Shop/Dealer Price$223.44 - $301.76
1982 Volvo 242L4-2.1L TurboService typeAlternator RepairYourMechanic Price$182.01Shop/Dealer Price$223.37 - $301.65
1982 Volvo 242L4-2.1LService typeAlternator RepairYourMechanic Price$182.01Shop/Dealer Price$223.40 - $301.70
1983 Volvo 242L4-2.3LService typeAlternator RepairYourMechanic Price$155.59Shop/Dealer Price$191.52 - $266.62
1984 Volvo 242L4-2.3LService typeAlternator RepairYourMechanic Price$169.59Shop/Dealer Price$208.41 - $285.67
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16 years of experience
Richard was very professional and knowledgeable. Willing to recommend him to anyone!!!!
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Rodney * Arrived earlier than scheduled * Got right to the task at hand * Finish the job in the time the was estimated * Gave a report of other recommendations that he observed with estimate * He also explained to my husband what his inspection and codes meant. I would recommend Rodney
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Very knowledgeable, honest, and punctual. Would definitely recommend
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Robert showed up for the 4 p.m. appointment today to look at my 2004 Volvo XC90. He was courteous, and tried his best to evaluate the problem. A foreign vehicle is very hard to disagnose, and I believe that after my experience with both Robert and another car mechanic at a different shop (who looked at the Volvo as well and did not charge us for diagnoses, since he could not figure out the problem) that it takes a Volvo specialist to evalute and to accurately diagnize the problem with this vehicle. Robert made a couple of guesses, however, he did not know exactly what the problem was. He told me that the car needed to be placed on a jack high in the air to completely diagnose the problem. He said I needed to take the car to a Kaufman tire to get a complete diagnoses while the car was on a jack high up in the air. He told me it would take 2 people to diagnose the problem. Robert tried his best, however your company did not have the resouses & equipment to accurately diagnose the problem (jack lift) according to Robert. Also Robert said it would take two people to diagnose the problem as well. I am going to take the Volvo to someone who works with Volvo's to accuratley diagnose the problem. I am confident that you will refund the $70 charge that you charged my credit card since Robert told me he was not able to accuretly diagnose the problem. Thank you. Rich Whitmer 404-379-1625
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All about Alternator Repair

The alternator is the component that charges the battery in your car. When you use electrical components in your car (stereo, lights, etc.), the battery loses power. The alternator recharges the battery, replenishing the lost battery power. The alternator is located in the engine compartment. If the alternator is not working properly, your car will only stay running for as long as the battery has power stored. Once the battery loses power, your car will not start. Normally, a malfunctioning alternator will turn on the battery warning light or will have a low volt gauge reading.

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