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2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.7l has a rough idle when stopped. I can be at a stop sign, red light, or just parked with the engine ru
You may have a bad spark plug or ignition coil and will need to have the computer tested for misfires. If you get misfire codes it will identify what cylinder is misfiring and will need to replace the plugs and...
I have a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, and sometimes when I start it, it turns over, but not without 2-3 seconds of hesitation
Hi Nicole. Thanks for contacting us today. The question I would ask you is whether or not you were having the starting hesitation issue prior to having the vehicle serviced - or if it happened after. If it's been an...
I have a 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 19k that has been sitting for 6-7 years , what needs to be done to get it running again?
You will need to start by draining all the fuel and put in new fuel and then see if it starts or the pump and filter assembly may be bad.
My car is very loud when accelerating and smokes when running, stops immediately when the car turns off.
The problem sounds like you have an exhaust problem. You may have a broken pipe or bad convertor and is rattling in the exhaust. Have a mechanic like one from YourMechanic inspect and diagnose the problem for you.
Engine shaking in idle
You have a very rough idle. Rough operation could be due to a bad tank of gasoline, dirty fuel injectors, incorrect idle speed, exhaust restrictions, vacuum leaks, incorrectly installed or damaged spark plugs, a defective or clogged fuel pump or...
My Throttle Body sensor, and traction lights just came on after getting thermostat changed. Is there a procedure that I have to do
The appearance of the warning lights might just be coincidental to the thermostat replacement as the systems have nothing to do with a thermostat replacement. It's possible though that you disturbed electrical wiring and/or connections to the affected components. If...
Engine revs up but will not accelerate when 4wd is engaged, drives fine when not engaged.
According to the 2006 Cherokee Owner's Manual there were at least two different versions of 4WD installed as a factory option in this model and that is important in terms of the possible causes. Of course, be sure that you...
my brake peddle is making a whoosing noise or like a hissing noise all the time
It sounds like you may have a vacuum leak in the brake booster, which could create this kind of hissing sound. Any brake booster requires a minimum of 18” vacuum to operate efficiently. Anything less than that will contribute to...
I have an 08 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.7 V6 that keeps overheating
The most common causes of overheating include low coolant level (including that due to leaks), a faulty thermostat, a plugged radiator, a faulty radiator pressure cap, collapsed hoses, non functioning cooling fans, and a faulty water pump or drive belt....
Temp gauge reads cold sometimes and engine noise that might be from belt
The water pump leak raises the possibility of the pump failing. If the pump does not turn properly that could cause noise and, if bad enough, might cause the alternator to turn slower (the water pump and alternator use the...
Random low then high idle jumps
This may be a sign of a faulty MAP sensor as the vehicle responds adversely to a load put on the motor (i.e. putting it in gear, making turns (which makes use of the power steering pressure switch) turning on...
sepenrtine belt snapped and i replaced it now my car wont idol
The serpentine belt would not cause an idle problem by itself but if the battery was dead or disconnected the computer will need to relearn the idle speeds again and you may have to keep it running and slowly let...
Battery warning, check guages, and temp jumped to H. Pulled over car died and coolant everywhere and white smoke.
Hi Hailey. Thanks for contacting us tonight. When you have a major coolant leak like you've described, it can cause a lot of damage to electrical components, sensors, and harnesses. This is likely what is causing all of those warning...
I have a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee limited 4wd v8 and it starts up fine i had a computer hooked to it and it says there’s a misfire
When an engine is misfiring on one or more cylinders, this can cause the engine to have a lesser power output than normal. Due to the Lesser output this can cause the vehicle not to achieve speeds that it normally...
My blinde spot monitor and Driver Assist are off and they will not let me turn them back on. I have two messages saying they neede
The car wash could just be coincidental to the failure or it could represent a source of water intrusion in an electrical connector and that has caused the two systems to malfunction. The two systems are electrical in nature and...
Ok my car is stalling while im drivin it. If I rev the gas up it will catch and continue to run. It also will die some times g
If getting oil and water in cylinder then it is a bad head gasket or cracked cylinder head. You will need to have a cylinder pressure test and compression test to determine if head gasket is blown and head would...
We change the fuel filter on my 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee and now I don't get any spark at all it will turn over but that's all it'
If there is no spark at any of the six plugs, the coil pack and the primary circuit (i.e., 12 volt power and signals to the coil pack) should be tested. The primary side of the circuit includes the crankshaft...
Chirping noise while rolling
Check to be sure the noise is not also present when the car is stationary. If the noise occurs when the car is not moving, it is likely related to the serpentine belt or accessory drives. Even when moving, the...
Quick question. I have a slow coolant leak. I've only noticed the leak after I turn off the car, not while it's running. Any ideas
A hose is a possibility. The leak point(s) can be pinpointed by pressurizing the cooling system to about 15 PSI when the engine is completely cold. A visual check during that test will reveal the problem area(s). The water pump...
2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee starts but then turns off! Then after a few tries it doesn’t start anymore!
It is possible that your alternator could have failed causing the vehicle to run on the battery alone. This can cause the battery to discharge very quickly and eventually cause the vehicle to die. I would recommend having your battery...

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