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My harmonic balancer isn't going on all the way on my 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo
Hi Rue. Thanks for contacting us tonight. There are a few reasons why the harmonic balancer will not fit. First, if the wrong replacement component was purchased. Second, if the area was not properly cleaned and excessive debris exists, or...
Code P0139
Code P0139 relates to a faulty oxygen sensor, specifically that the sensor itself is faulty, the wiring to the sensor is broken or damaged or that there is an exhaust leak present in the exhaust system. As you may know...
Oil leaking everywhere after Manifold replacement
Hi Vanessa. Thanks for contacting us today. This is not a common problem that happens after replacing an intake manifold. If they had problems with a bolt, it's likely that the manifold is not correctly torqued or secured - and...
2010 Grand cherokee getting P013C code, have replaced 4 O2 sensors, muffler, and cat convertors, should I now replace the ECM?
There are a number of possible reasons for this code to be triggered. These include things like: Defective O2 sensor, burnt, broken, or disconnected wiring and/or connectors (may be likely in your case), a defective catalytic converter , or in...
If idle air control valve needs to be replaced, would the car accelerate louder?
Normally the idle air control valve would not have any effect whatsoever on the engine during acceleration. This is because the idle air control valve is only used when the engine is idling. When a idle air control valve fails,...
Will stop leak in my radiator harm my Jeep
Factory advice is generally not to use these types of "aftermarket" quick fixes, especially if introduced along with the coolant. If you are plugging a hole from the outside by pushing in a quick set compound, that might be acceptable....
Sparking Dipstick/Oil Tube
The vehicle is "probably" safe to drive but to give you a truly informative and intelligent answer, the vehicle would have to undergo a safety inspection which is not a bad idea in any event given that the car is...
2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee replaces altanator, still won’t start. Brake seems locked
The brakes may feel stiff prior to starting the vehicle as the vacuum that exists in the brake booster when the vehicle is running may decrease when the vehicle is not running. Once the vehicle starts, the booster replenishes the...
Horn and alarm wires crossed 97 jeep grand cherokee
Hi Mirian. Thanks for sending in your question today. The best way to tackle this job is to download or purchase a wiring diagram for your Jeep. Unfortunately, we're unable to attach documents to this platform, so you might want...
My car is over heating while driving but when in park it's cool I already replaced radiator thermostat and heating cooling sensor.
Hi Hilary. Thanks for contacting us today. There are a few different things that could be causing this overheating problem. First, if there is debris stuck on the cooling lines, or the heater core, this type of overheating issue can...
where is the puge valve located on 2009 jeep grand cherokee
Hi Star. Thanks for contacting us today. I believe the purge valve for the EVAP system on this vehicle is located under the hood, attached to the driver side of the engine compartment, near the center of the engine bay....
My 2002 jeep Cherokee will start but it will shake for a long period of time then it will shut off what does that mean and also my
With 295,000 miles on the engine, a compression test should be performed to see what the engine's overall mechanical condition is. If valves are leaking, for instance, that can cause, or contribute to, the rough operation and stalling. If the...
Hi Nikxon. Thanks for sending in your question today. In short, no - you can't correctly link a used ECU to a different vehicle without the correct software download. This can only be completed by a dealership.
Don't know how to put the belt on the Jeep Grand Cherokee 1997 without the right tools
If you do not have the serpentine belt tensioner tool then you can use a socket and ratchet to move the tensioner to get belt off and on. If you still have problems then see professional assistance from a mechanic...
Does a 2006 jeep grand cherokee 3.7 need a fan clutch ?
The fan clutch was only used on the 4.7L engine. It will not be present on your engine (the 3.7L) and so you will only have the radiator shroud and fan assembly. If you are having any issues with the...
Grinding, hard to break, popping when slowing down or driving under 5 mph
It could be that you have a CV joint that is failing. They are in the front of the car on the ends of the axle shafts. They allow power to be transmitted through a shaft even though it is...
Check engine light is flashing and the numbers 45, 21, & 55 are reading where my milage shows up! Jeep Grand Cherokee 1996
When you left your key in the on position instead of the accessory position your computer went into test mode and displayed codes stored in the computer. You will need to have the computer scanned with a scanner to get...
Car won't start after replacing the radiator it's a 2008 grand jeep cherokee laredo with a 3.7 engine
The theft system may have been activated and will need to have the computer reprogrammed to the keys again. Sometimes when the battery has been disconnected or replaced the system may lose its programming and will require a dealer level...
Jeep Grand Cherokee when off, sound coming from drivers rear end sounding “on”
Since these vehicles have air suspension as an option, it is possible that you are hearing the air suspension compressor after the engine has been shut off. It is also possible that the suspension compressor could be running longer than...
2002 Jeep Cherokee temperature gauge shot up to 260 and it was leaking a greenish liquid what does that mean is it a crack or hole
Yes it does mean you have coolant leaking from somewhere. You will need to have the system pressure tested to locate the leak and then a repair can be done. I would also recommend replacing the thermostat with the needed...

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