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Related questions

On a 2004 Ford Escape are lateral arms the control arms in the rear?
Your vehicle has an independent rear suspension that uses double lateral links and semi-trailing arms. The rear coil springs are located between the trailing arms and the body. The front suspension, also independent, uses control arms. Ford does not use...
I have a 2001 ford escape and when I push on the accelerator it doesn't take off like it should, the engine light is on.
Hi Sonya. Thanks for contacting us today. The check engine light is illuminated when the ECU detects an error within a mechanical or electrical system. This code will likely pinpoint the source fo the acceleration error you're experiencing. It's probably...
I have a question....My car has been jerking and the check engine light comes on after a few days it goes off I got the light chec
You may have a bad fuel pressure sensor but will need to have fuel pressure checked for proper pressures since low pressure may cause misfire. Replace sensor and then see if it fixes problem and then go from there.
Can you explain in detail what the transmission fluid service provides? What renewal percentage does it cause the fluid? etc
If you are referring to YourMechanic's transmission fluid/filter drain and replacement service, if you request a quote at that service page, the fluid quantity for your vehicle is stated as "1 Qt x 8", that is 8 quarts are removed...
I have a Ford Escape 2011, the engine light keeps coming on...The car didn’t come with a gas cap???What could this mean???
You will need to supply the stored computer codes for us to help with diagnosis since there are hundreds of possible failure codes pointing to the possible problems. The vehicle may have a problem with a leak in the capless...
On my 2009 Ford Escape, the steering wheel vibrates/shakes harshly when car is turned on & continues while in P, D, R, N, all gear
Hi Tiffany. Thanks for contacting us today. There are several moving parts that comprise the steering and suspension system on your Ford Escape. One or a few of them could be loose or damaged and be causing this issue. However,...
Have an 09 Ford escape hybrid and the check break system comes on sometimes but when it does there are no power breaks it seams
Hi Christian. Thanks for the question today. When a warning light is activated, it is due to the ECU detecting a fault, storing a code and indicating the source of an issue. The brake warning light and the reduced braking...
If the system was not opened (you don't mention replacing the calipers), the cause of the problem is not air in the lines. It sounds like you simply bled the brakes when you discovered, after the repair, that they don't...
Electric power steering not working
Hi Jimmy. Thanks for contacting us tonight. When an EPS system is not working all the time, it's typically due to a sensor or electrical connection failure. The "removing the battery terminals" trick will work sometimes, but in the end,...
Traction control
The two systems have "a" module in common but there are multiple additional modules, as well as the PCM, that integrate these two systems. The systems are quite involved and if you are trying to track down a malfunction be...
OBD Code for Transmission Fluid Temperature Sensor in CD4E transmission, can't find any info on parts or part number or location
The transmission fluid temperature sensor is part of the transmission hardware unit on top of the transmission. It is replaced as part of the whole component.
My average Econ is 13.6 mpg what does that mean?
The average economy of 13.6 MPG is simply the computed average miles per gallon that your car is achieving. The expected fuel economy of the Escape depends on which engine/transmission combination you have. If you refer to the foregoing highlighted...
My A/C clutch relay is not receiving a signal from the computer to engage the clutch.
It is not clear from your question at what stage you are in the repair. That is very important. There is a big difference between trying to recharge a completely empty, unopened and unrepaired system, versus setting up a repaired...
I just replaced my lower control arm on the passenger aide of my 2002 ford escape and now after doing that my steering wants to je
The problem sounds like the steering rack and pinion mounts are worn and causing the entire rack and pinion to shift side to side. Check and replace the mounts for rack and get alignment.
Trying to change odometer to kilometers 2005 ford escape
That sounds like a job for the scan tool. It would have to be the factory tool, a generic scanner like the ones they use at the auto parts stores won't do the trick. In many cars the miles/KM setting...
I have an 08 Ford escape 2.3 and it shifts very hard goin into 2 and I have had alot of people tell me alot of different things
Transmission shift problems can be caused by simple faults, such as a low fluid level, contaminated fluid, plugged filter in the pan, bad shift solenoid(s), poor working PCS (Pressure Control Solenoid), faulty throttle position sensor or speed sensor, or dirty...
I have put in a new thermostat & waterpump and my 2005 ford escape still runs hot,and there is a slow leak what should i do?
The coolant leak should be repaired prior to any diagnostic as leaks prevent proper pressurization of the cooling system and that itself can cause overheating as coolant boils, creates trapped air and circulation is impeded. If you request a leak...
Garage says I have "big" oil leak leaking on exhaust and belts, what could this be?
Oil leaks onto the exhaust manifold are often due to failing valve cover gaskets. If oil is in fact getting onto the hot manifold that is a serious and immediate fire hazard as oil can burn on something as hot...
I need a diagram to where all the vacuum hoses go on a 2001 ford escape 3.0
Hi Christopher. Thanks for the question today. Unfortunately, we can't help you here, since we can't attach files or images to this platform. You should contact a local Ford dealership service or parts department, as they should be able to...
My car steering wheel locked up then all my dash board lights came on. The low coolant came on the it died out
The sequence of events that you are describing can be due to an electrical failure, overheating, or mechanical issues. To obtain a pinpoint diagnostic, the recommended service is an engine stalling diagnostic. If you request that service, the responding certified...

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