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5 Comfortable Sports Cars Your Parents Won't Complain About Riding In
The most comfortable sports cars combine high performance with a smooth ride. Options include the Alpina B6, Audi S8 Plus, and Mercedes-AMG S65.

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I have a 2006 cadillac cts 2.8L. Swapped the motor only after rocker arms a d other issues. I now have the motor in and it won't s
Hey Chris. Thanks for sending the question tonight. Unfortunately, anytime the OEM engine is replaced, it pretty much falls outside of our areas of expertise. We stick to providing advice on common repairs, maintenance and service recommendations for original OEM...
Misfire on cylinder6
Is the spark plug firing consistently? If not, the ignition coil driver circuits in the PCM/ICM for the misfiring cylinder could be faulty. If the coil "itself" is confirmed good, the primary side circuit to the coil, including the pulse...
Pulling codes...po206 and po306, cylinder 6 misfire. Changed fuel injectors, fuel injection connectors, spark plugs, ignition coil
Hi Brett. Thanks for contacting us today. Typically, when you've replaced the fuel injectors, plugs and wires, and still getting a single cylinder misfire, it's going to be related somehow to the ECU. Either a trouble code is stuck or...
The car is shaking when stopped and when you drive it hesitates and won't go to fast
There are a number of things that may cause the car to hesitate when accelerating such as low fuel pressure, a dirty or faulty mass air flow sensor, clogged or dirty fuel injectors, a faulty throttle position sensor or potentially...
Q: Car won't start.
If voltage drops too low, due perhaps to too much current being drawn when you actuate the starting circuit, that voltage drop can adversely affect the dash indicators that you are referring to. What you should do is have the...
I think its programmed.
You can go to the dealer and have system reprogrammed with only your keys and lock out any other keys. This way you do not have to replace the key lock cylinder.
If i replace my key lock cylinder
Unless the key fob is programmed to the actual lock cylinder you should still be able to use your original key fob even after replacing the lock cylinder.
2006 Cadillac CTS, passenger side wheel hot and brakes feel more loose. Just had new pads and rotors 5 months ago. 40mi drive/day.
If one brake pad/rotor assembly is markedly overheated compared to the other side (for instance, driver side versus passenger side on same axle) that typically means the caliper and/or sliding pin in the torque plate are not moving freely and...
why did my 2007 Cadillac CTS shut off while driving
You may have a bad fuel pump or connector to fuel pump. You will need to have the computer tested for codes and continue diagnosis of the codes or fuel pump.
How do i cut the fog lights off. I cut the car on and the fog lights would not go out. Is it on a timer??
If the fog lights don't go out when you switch them off, especially when the car is running, the relay in the circuit is probably stuck closed. An electrical diagnostic would confirm that. There are time delays on vehicle lights,...
If my 2006 Cadillac CTS has HID headlights can I replace them with Non HID headlights? Thanks
The luminaire used for HID versus non-HID bulbs is different (the photometrics are different). Unless the mechanic replaced the entire enclosure (luminaire) and re-aimed the lamps, the modification you are describing might not pass inspection and may be dangerous if...
Car shaking on and off when going 40mph+
Hi Jose. Thanks for the question tonight. There are a few possible sources of the vibration and noise you're hearing and feeling on the CTS. The most common component that can cause all of these symptoms would be a wheel...
So if i reprogram my key
Hi Glamy. Thanks for the question today. Yes - if you go to a dealership and ask them to reprogram your locks and provide you with a new reprogrammed key, then the old keys will be disabled.
How much will it cost me to reprogram my keys?
Unfortunately programming keys in ignition is currently not provided as a service by your mechanic. I would recommend Consulting with a local dealership in your area to determine pricing on this particular service.
What else can be wrong if battery was replaced and so was the alternator. Why will it not start
With a fully charged battery in good condition, and the immobilizer (security) system off - check to be sure the immobilizer is not activated - if the starter motor does not operate at that point, there are only two possibilities:...
How to disable a key fob?
Hi Glamy. You really need to have the dealership reprogram the locks and your existing FOB key in order to disable the missing key. That's really the only way to correctly do this.
I just Replaced my battery, car was driving and suddenly stalled. It wont start with a jump or by itself. I just get a click and
Hi Rich. Thanks for contacting us tonight. Usually, when this situation occurs, it's due to a damaged alternator or other charging system component. Once the battery starts the engine, the alternator takes over to power vehicle components. It's also possible...
Computer / mechanical problems
Engine misfires can be caused by many different problems and are generally caused by either a spark or fuel issue or in some cases, a combination of both. Spark related problems generally will result from things like ignition coils, crankshaft...
My oil pressure gauge was reading zero but is now jumping around
Although oil pressure can be low, or erratic, even with an adequate amount of oi in the engine, in a situation like yours do check to be sure the engine oil level (on dipstick) is correct. If the pressure sensor...
2004 Cadillac CTS 3.6 liter. Pulling a PO 206 code, so far I've replaced
Hi Brett. Thanks for sending the question today. Anytime your ECU detects a random misfire it will store the code until it is physically removed through a digital scanner. This is likely why you're still getting the codes after completed...

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